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  • i got you a timid female 5IV-ATK safari ball trapinch, HA quiet premier ball sunkern from the safari and i also got a nest ball timid 5IV-ATK male trapinch. a female 5IV jolly nest ball trapinch is bredout.

    heres another small list of French pkm im looking for. i dont know how many to ask for but will a 2:1 ratio for the 5IV pkmn be acceptable? its up to you.
    pinsir, tauros lapras magnemite omanyte
    Seviper, lileep
    here's a small list of other French pkmn id like to get i when i have some more bank ball ready for trade.

    Bidoof (any random one)
    vespiqueen/female combee

    have i traded you a HA dream ball munna yet? i do have both safari/love ball Kangaskhan ready too. i should have a friend ball sunkern ready soon.
    im sorry about that, i was waiting for you to initiate the trade or see you online. if im correct, Sophie is your IGN?

    i'll put these in a bank box reserved for you. when im actively sending you VMs it usually means im ready to trade at any time.
    thank you very much, once the trades are done i'll revise a list from the other 90ish French pkmn that are left to get.
    ok, i'll be online rather soon and i have a 14 pkmn up for trade in this batch.
    the pkmn that i do have ready are
    love balls: swinub, ralts, miltank, mawile, 4em hoppip
    moon ball: ralts/gardevoir, swablu
    safari: 3EM teddiursa, gligar
    sport ball: 4EM scyther
    dusk: HA defog zubat
    net: HA em vulpix
    nest ball HA EM bulbasaur
    Unnameable GER 5IV-ATK Trapinch.----------

    a nameable 5iV choice nature/iv set for safari/nest ball trapinch is your choice.

    my next breeding targets are the love/safari kangashan. i plan to make 5 5IV trapinch Flygon
    i havent gotten all of the pkmn i listed yet but i did get some of them. been a bit too busy breeding out 15 spares of each bank ball to get to a nicknameable 5IV Flygon. the german one cant be renamed but i can breed you a timid one in a safari ball or nest ball, its your choice which one to go for. i was trying to breed out the moon/love balls first

    i literally have a long list of bank ball to breed atm its around 11 pkmn long, not including a few ive lost track of atm. i honestly think i misplaced some of them atm in the wrong box but i think i found most of them. i got them back before i left a box just for bank ball parents.

    i have others i can breed:
    heavy ball whismur, moon ghastly/digglet/teddiursa, lure magicarp, lure ball 4 EM shelder (was HACK HA shelder parent), level slakoth, dream marill, friend sunkern, dive hA skrelp, safari 5IV timid trapinch/Gaward, LOVE ball Kanga, dream ball mawile 4 em,

    the pkmn that i do have ready are
    love balls: swinub, ralts, miltank, mawile, 4em hoppip
    moon ball: ralts/gardevoir, swablu
    safari: 3EM teddiursa, gligar
    sport ball: 4EM scyther
    dusk: HA defog zubat
    net: HA em vulpix
    im sure some are repeats the you have already, i should make a list of the ones i already sent to you to keep track of them.
    hello Bentley, thank you for the reply. i'll be working on getting some sport ball scyther (4em) next and get onto a few more love ball pkmn/moon swablu. i also do have the option for a moon ball ghastly. EDIT: sport ball scyther done, onto moon swablu now. i also have a non HA dream ball mawile to breed out.

    do you want the GER 5IV trapinch thats only missing ATK IVs? i could breed a timid 5IV safari or nest ball variant if you want. it will work with bug egg groups.

    here are some of the pkmn that im interested in getting:
    French klefki ( any random will do. no real need to breed one, just the data for it)
    bergmite, inkay, clauncher, skidoo, espurr
    farfetch'd, smoochum, elekid, magby, rhyhorn/rhydon
    axew, pawniard, kilnk
    hello B€ntley, i havent yet gotten around to the moon ball and love ball pkmn but i do have 2 pkmn available atm. i can trade you a female 4IV moon ball ralts/gardevoir and a WT 5IV missing ATK iv Trapinch male (german). im asking some people here to hack check it. if you are capable of hack checking then the info has been posted in the hack check thread. Trapinch line falls into the the insect egg group.

    i do have also a new addition: safari ball Trapinch non HA that i can breed in addition to the nest ball Trapinch. i can breed down both of those balls if you want. EDIT: i moved onto the 4 em love ball hoppip and will have that ready soon.

    im done stocking my HA EM female nest ball bulbasaur (12.5% female odds..+HA......) and will likely move onto some moon/love ball variants.
    i also have love ball ralts, love ball pichu
    safari ball EM tediursa (i'll need to breed the EM to it)
    love ball swinub, EM posible
    HA dream jigglypuff
    level ball lickitung
    HA dive ball skrelp, EM possible.

    EDIT: sport ball 4 EM technician scyther
    dream marill
    lure ball magicarp
    friend ball sunkern
    np, i'll try to get around to the loveball pkmn and moon ball swablu. i have a few of the pkmn currently in stock that i need to get more females for trading.

    i could help you out on a insect egg group 5iv-atk for a MM run. i was planning to get 2 spare 5IV Trapinch/Flygon anyway (timid and jolly). i dont have any great IV dittos, i do have the occasional 3iv safarai ditto but thats about it. you wont need to offer a donor pkmn. i got 6 battle ready Flygon: 2 females and 4 males. Flygon's kind of my FAV pkmn of all of the 800 pkmn.

    i am sorry that i forgot this, but i do still have a 4IV female ralts moon ball that i can trade to you. i have 1-2 female 5IV battle moon ball gardevoir that i can fall back onto for keeping the moon balls. she does have 4EM if i remember correctly but those moves are more gimmicky TBH.
    thank you very much, i likely will ask you later on for some more French pkmn. i will need to get my breeding stock a bit larger (30 spare females) before i can trade a few more.

    i do have nest ball trapinch (non HA) and natural cure moon ball swablu to breed out. then i'll need to get some spares later on of some duplicates which i already sent over to you. ATM im getting the misdreavus and Munna bred out. but i'll likely go swablu next after those 2. i have plenty of HA EM dive ball snorunt. i also have spare heal ball ha em hoppip.

    i have a few i can breed out i got most of my love ball pkmn from WT so i cant be sure if the parent originally was a hacked HA love pkmn.
    scrappy safari ball/love ball kangaskhan
    timid infiltrator noibat any kalos ball (safari pkmn)
    luxury ball shadow gothita (more like catch one in the safari)
    love ball chlorophyll hoppip with 4EM
    loveball intimidate mawile
    thank you very much. its been a big help to me to get these French pkmn.
    thank you, what is your FC? i dont believe i have it.

    i got 9 HA/ball pkmn ready for the trade for your 10pkmn. i got either a HA EM dream ball bold qwilfish female or HA em timid vulpix in net ball to send as the 10th pkmn, which would you prefer?
    i got some HA munna and regulat Misdreavus females bith in dream balls ready. for at rading time i was thinking anywhere between 8-9pm GMT+1 i can also do 10pm GMT+1.
    thanks, im just quickly breeding few female dream ball misdreavus. i can also breed a few HA female Munna if you want one.
    thank you very much, i'll hold those 7 pkmn for you for the french pkmn. im not sure what time zone you are in but my timezone is GMT-5hrs.

    i do have plenty of HA dream ball qwilfish with 3EM if you're also interested in one. ive bred quite a few usefual ball/HA pkmn i tend to forget some once in a while. im pretty sure i also have a dream ball misdreavus though i will need to breed a few females before i can start trading them.
    thank you very much, i can offer you some pkmn in return for the French pkmn
    HA EM nest ball Farfetched, , HA EM nest ball Bulbasaur, HA EM dratini nest ball
    luxury HA Gligar, non HA safari ball gligar
    dream ball HA drilbur, dream ball HA zubat EM, dream ball flash fire ponyta EM, dream ball/klutz EM buneary
    level ball elekid EM
    HA tepig +EM HA slopoke all in regular pkballs
    HA EM net ball vulpix

    need to restock
    HA samurott
    dream ball Munna telepathy
    nestball trapinch (non HA)

    i got around 130 french pkmn (not counting the many legendaries) to find so i'll list the pkmn i want the most. the IVs nature as other traits are optional. my most wanted pkmn are first starters, then trade evolution pkmn and those baby pkmn. i'll match your french pkmn to which ever pkmn you want that i have listed that i have in stock.
    Pumpkaboo, swirlix
    rhyhorn sneasel munchlax bonsly hapinny
    female combee
    Piplup and turtwig mudkip torchic
    smoochum elekid magby
    i got plenty of dream ball buneary. i dont have too many moon ball ralts but i already have 2 5IV females i use for battle. i do have a leftover 4IV moon ball female ralts i can trade to you. would you happen to have any spare foreign pkmn you dont need? im looking for 14 or so JPN pkmn (in my dex entry thread post), 80 or so SPAnish pkmn 130 french and german pkmn.

    each language entry is for a specific species of pkmn but im trying to fill all NON-ENG dex entries so there should be more than enough choices ie FRE SPA ITA KOR GER JPN. im only interested in the language origin any other traits are of no importance ie nature, ability etc.

    if you dont have any foreign pkmn or you have access to a luxury ball HA froakie then id like one. ive been trying to get a HA luxury ball HA froakie for some time. i already have a regular pkball HA froakie.
    Hey mate checked them doesn't look like either of them have Iv in Hp. One has 3 Iv in attack defense and sp defence checked on a calculated. I can't check the hidden power on either as they can't learn it it says sorry
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