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  • whoa, that's a nice team. I've never used Meganium, but your team looks really diverse :)

    and not just to attack first. I used a Bullet Punch moveset on my Scizor because of ability Technician xD
    and thanks :)
    I've been having an awesome time so far

    and yes, I like the original YGO. Albeit not as much as YGO: Duel Monsters, but it looks like I forgot to put that in my interests lol
    are you a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh?
    I used to know how, but I've forgotten, haha
    oh, Azelf! good luck :)
    and yeah, Scizor is great for in-game teams xD
    I've used him on my Platinum ^^ I suggest the Bullet Punch moveset, since I've found it to be pretty convenient, but you can choose whatever you want, ofc
    and that's okay xD

    /late reply, sorry. I'm currently on vacation in the mountains, so it might take me a while to reply to things ^^;;
    ikr? I bet a lot of people would want to have a pocketwatch that plays Lacie

    30? geez. you catch Pokemon real fast lol
    and I haven't really decided on the moveset I want for Gengar. I just transferred him over, so yeah xD
    I'm thinking of just using a moveset that'll get me through the game, though. I'm just a casual battler, not a competitive one anyway
    oh, a Lacie pocketwatch? my cousin was able to get a hold of one, but that was when she took a trip to Singapore . . . so I don't know where you can buy it online, unfortunately
    I'll try finding one for you, though ^^

    50? wow, that's not a lot. I bet you'll get the charm in no time.
    and ikr? if I wouldn't be able to trade with my past Pokemon games, I would be done for xD
    especially since I decided to use Gengar on by W2 team, haha
    oh, right! I heard that you get the Shiny Charm in BW2. It just slipped my mind, haha.
    But yeah, good luck on catching all the Pokemon :)

    definitely! I love the BGM that plays whenever Alice fights, too. Pandora Hearts has such an awesome soundtrack. and the battles are very nice to watch, as well ^^
    ooooooooh. I thought you meant the spriting form of dexing xD
    I don't think I'll ever attempt catching all the Pokemon. All the Professor gives you is a crappy certificate anyway lol

    oh, I hope you finish it soon! I won't spoil anything for you, then.
    I have seen the whole anime, actually. and I agree, it does have that Wonderland feel to it. That's part of the reason why I love PH :3
    ah, it's fine. I've received responses that were months late before xD
    and yes, Pandora Hearts is a great anime :3
    I prefer the manga, since the anime's ending left quite a bit of plot holes still hanging, but PH is just so awesome~
    It's pretty popular, too. I think a lot of people who watch anime would recognize your username, actually haha

    dexing? oh, I see. I've never tried dexing before, since it sounds pretty complicated. isn't that when you create your own region/Fakemon or something?
    oh! judging from your username, you must be a Pandora Hearts fan :eek:
    I'm a big fan of PH myself~

    welcome to Serebii forums, haha ^^
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