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Recent content by B-Rabbit

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    Can someone help me find subbed i've been searching for hours!

    Hi can anyone shove a link on here to a English SUBBED (Cant stress the importance of that) Pokemon black and white episodes. I want to watch it from the beginning and i cant find any anywere the japanese voices make it bearable for me to watch. Please dont just spam links with episodes in...
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    #249 Lugia

    Looking for dream radar Lugia base level 5 up to 20. Bold or calm nature prefered. Desperate for this one will offer 2 shinies or a legendary for him ! PM Asap
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    Dex Entry Trading thread

    Still need to see mew for my national Dex.
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Have a Shiny Ralts captured at level four cant quite remember the nature. Sassy i think. Looking for a shiny Zorua/Eevee/Female Snorunt and others. Pm if you want to trade
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    Join Avenue!

    Since when do Gym leaders come through the avenue? Burgh just came through mine and requested a place he could relax which figuring was florist. The florist got +1000 and so did my avenue ! Since when?
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    Do you still enjoy pokemon as much as you ever have?

    I love the pokemon games. I've played them since their first few days on planet earth :] Right there with red and blue. how times have changed! Ive played at least one game of each gen and each release. I tell you ill never be to old to play these games!
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    your LEAST FAVORITE Eeveelution

    I dont particular dislike any of them like many of you. Although and i dont care about move pools because it can be worked around rather easily. I do for the moment dislike Espeon purely for its fame. so many people like using espeon its unreal. I myself use leafeon. and even though many say...
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    #648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

    I have a Meloetta, looking for DW Lugia lowest level. Preferably a nature that boosts Special Defense Or a mew of any nature will do i need a mew to finish my legendary dex collection.
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    To be honest i didnt know any of this. I apologise for the out of place topic and thank you for the information provided. I know how to EV train i just dont really know much about IV's there is an explanation on this site i know but it kind of goes over my head. It's a shame that Arbok...
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    Okay im seriously struggling to form a well balanced team. Ive got Scizor with EV training in ATK and SPD plus the technician ability Leafeon Same as scizor. Milotic trained in special defense and defense. Or my Lapras in more or less the same manner. But then im stumped i wanted to use some...
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    Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

    White 2, all current shops in avenue are now at level ten. Caught the shiny haxorus and found a shiny basculin in the hour luckily. This was while i was EV training me Leafeon in speed. Debating on training up a pidgeot as i have yet to see an online player with one. Hatched a whole lot of...
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    Hope's Gift Shop

    So what do i have to give for the shiny feebas ? >.<
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    Well i wouldnt even need the mew if it werent for the shiny charm. And i wouldnt even be keeping...

    Well i wouldnt even need the mew if it werent for the shiny charm. And i wouldnt even be keeping it. Quite frankly i dont like mew not in game anyway. and all i have would be a shiny mareep im getting or my shiny haxorus.
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    #151 Mew

    Looking for a mew for dex entry purposes. I have Giratina,Meloetta,Deoxys and in game white 2 legendaries. Or around about 300 other pokemon for a trade trade back purpose. To sweeten the deal id throw in a big nugget or PP-max just for the dex entry
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    So you mean to say Deoxys and Meloetta for the mew? I dont need mew that bad. lol.

    So you mean to say Deoxys and Meloetta for the mew? I dont need mew that bad. lol.