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Baba Yaga
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  • I thought I left a message before this but I hope you're doing well. I'd say I am but turns out puppies are way more work than people say.
    My bad for taking so long to respond to your post :/ I'm working on that. Maybe now that we have alerts, that will help

    Also your posts in the LGBT Club thread looked harmless to me. Hopefully Joe is serious about the "friendlier moderation" promise he made last month
    Oh, well I was waiting on that, so I guess I'll get around to replying. IN DUE TIME. And you can't see visitors, but if you creep on someone else's profile, you can see what they were last doing and when, including whose profile they were looking at.
    And what I lack in likes, I make up for in sass. Also, I won't be lacking in likes once I finish going through every single one of my old posts and liking them.
    (but seriously, I don't know where all the following/followers come from; seems like anyone from whom you got friend requests, and anyone you sent/accepted. I'm guessing likes are from our brief stint with rep? And I have no idea if you're supposed to leave VMs on the other person's profile or comment on them to reply. I'm getting left behind by technology!)
    Incidentally, there's also a 420-char limit on these things. BS
    Nostalgia, I guess? Serebii was the first forum I joined, so I come back here every now and then Plus, I like Pokemon, although USUM felt lazy and uninteresting even for a third version. And I'm finally done with classes, so all I have is my thesis and then I'm outta school. I mostly just pop in now and then whenever I have a few minutes to kill.

    That said, my treat to myself for finishing my core classes was getting a PS4, and oh boy has that been keeping me busy. And yet, I'm currently playing games that are usually available on PS2, PS3, or Vita ;_;
    hello there. I didn't realize see your visitor message until now. sorries :x
    Well with the other Nier game it's very hard to play in some respects. Like each ending you have to do a new game and things like that.

    And you really don't learn a whole lot about the network. That ending is more about tying up immediate loose ends.
    Well he has been killed several times before the story. But really the hacking stuff seems silly the more you think about it.
    It's getting really quite grueling and I'm having a hard time supporting the Democratic Party in general lately, between **** like Nancy Pelosi saying that the party wasn't going to pursue single-payer, and the complete disdain shown for the Kansas special election (and the ensuing back-slapping "hey we did pretty good" thereafter) because they were too busy whacking it to Jon Ossoff -- whose victory would be good, yes, but they practically threw away the Kansas special election. Still pissed about how poorly handled that was.

    Then again, political parties are basically corporate entities in some respects and their political leanings... don't really represent those of actual people. Honestly, the fact that anyone can just stick to that is really bizarre.
    Thank you! I had run out of steam in the debat forum, but your post got across what I've been trying to say. It'll go over their heads, but thanks anyways.
    Facebook is for children. To that end, while I technically have one, its only use is for one of my friends to post Youtube videos to (I can't even remember the password). Is MSN still a thing? I used to have one to talk to people from here, but that was like 4 or 5 computers ago. I'm like that person who still only uses a landline for their phone.
    Have I ever lied to you?

    The answer is almost certainly "yes", but let's not sweat the small stuff.
    That's nice of you. (whoops not really sure how to continue this conversation so imma just do this awkward thing, but seriously thanks)
    I have exactly 0 problem giving credit where credit is due, and you have your thoughts together in a way I wish I had.
    I haven't, but I also have never heard of them up until now. Maybe I'll do some poking-around and see what I can find about going in that direction.
    I got my B.A. in philosophy back in May and am currently stuck in a place where I don't really know where to go from here -- finding a school for anything higher might be tough if I pursue those. However, my last year or so, I took a lot of classes dealing in philosophy of art, and I was specifically studying narrative for my degree. I got to write about video games as a narrative medium, which was pretty interesting, because it meant a lot of applying existing philosophy to something that hasn't gotten much academic interest.

    But, I mean, probably not as interesting as it sounds, I guess.
    Entirely fair.

    I definitely do recommend letting out the frustration somehow, including yelling at the screen in real life. Better not to let it fester inside too long.
    It's not easy for me, either, it's just that I tend to not put in a lot of the "you dumb mother****er"s and the like from my thought processes in my posts when I argue with people, but rest assured that when I'm arguing with people on the internet at this point I am absolutely losing my **** in real life.
    In short, I don't think majority rule has any intrinsic moral legitimacy. The merits of democracy are instrumental or tactical. Groups of people trying to keep each other in check and so on.

    Voting is also about tactics, but the weight of a single vote is low, so there's the risk of free riding. Also, abstaining is a good tactic when all of the candidates are really bad and roughly equally so because it encourages better ones in future elections. Lobbying is usually more influential than voting in any case.
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