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Baba Yaga
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  • No. I lurk most of the time, just rarely feel like I have anything to say. Spring Break was two weeks ago.
    The teacher is a hardass. That's it, really. sorry for late reply. school and all.
    bleh. Started two graduate courses this semester. One has been rather lax, but the other class has been something else entirely.
    I'm doing about as well as can be expected. Three papers plus a five or so homework assignments I need to get done by the middle of next week, but then I'll enjoy a summer of mostly just work. It'll be grand.
    Also, I apologize for never being to find time to post a response in your 'antitheism' thread (at least, inasmuch as the 'don't bump threads 30 days old' rule allows). School got really busy really suddenly and just didn't stop. Such is life though.
    I don't disagree. It's a difficult subject to approach; particularly because people see religion as personal and will take offense to saying that it's, in some sense, fundamentally wrong. At the same time--and perhaps I'm brash for saying this--I don't think it's possible to criticize religion without being seen as offensive, at least by some. Would I say it's a persecution complex? Dunno if I'd quite call it that. I can't quite word it correctly, but it has to do with what it means to be a member of a community (in this case, religious community). It's hard to ignore the impact a community as an aggregate does when you can examine what individuals have done. They will want to idolize Einstein because he might have been religious as a case for religion and science can work in concert but don't bring up that religion as an aggregate has done harm. Although the Dover classroom has settled a lot of the dust, creationism in the classroom is an ongoing issue (this study in particular did a nice analysis in a post-Dover world). If pushed into a corner though, I'd imagine most religious people who hold beliefs that are more agreeable would attempt to distance themselves from creationisms, in a sort of 'No True Scotsman Fallacy.' However, the difficulty comes when analyzing religion as an aggregate, understanding fringes exist on both sides that represent extrema of good and bad. For me, I have a hard time analyzing religion as an aggregate, but at the very least, I understand that's where the discussion needs to go. Anti-theism has to be put in the position of challenging this impact as an aggregate at the same time addressing the complex role religion plays as an institution and as a personal guide; and for people who follow it understand that they need to own up to what other believes do.

    Anyway, I think I said enough for now.
    Do they?

    To be honest, I'm not sure where exactly I stand. I don't believe in God; I made that clear in one of my earlier posts. The fact is, whether or not religion is good or not is something I've been wondering myself--all I want is a good discussion that helps give me something to think about. Since physics is what I study, I find the intersection of science and religion most--for lack of a better word--relevant to my own life. That said, unless someone gives me a good reason otherwise, I'll probably continue to assume "religion is useless to science" insofar as it adds nothing to my understanding of the world.
    Nah, it does feel kinda quiet lately. I can't even just say 'it's college' because it seemed decently active in January.
    That's a horrible thought process. If the police don't care about enforcing the laws, why should you?
    I just really hate censor bypassing. It also seems like none of the mods care enough to edit posts.
    Big enough so that if a scenario arises in which I have to crap it out, I won't survive.
    Depends on how big a diamond you get me. Like all women, I make my biggest decisions based on the shininess of bobits I receive.
    flatter people by saying that you hate anarcho-capitalism and that they are right when they say they hate anarcho-capitalism
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