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Baba Yaga
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  • Currently feeling a bit overwhelmed with coursework (though that'll solve itself as long as I pace myself properly on Sunday/Monday).

    Aside from that, doin' pretty damn good - I just booked every aspect of my trip to Ottawa at the end of this month (catching a bus to Toronto and then a train to Ottawa, staying at a hostel downtown) and also bought a dinosaur kigurumi.

    How about you?
    "Woo-woo" is the name that the skeptic community gives to things like spiritual balance, sacred geometry, water memory, things like that.
    When it comes to science-related debates about things like the Big Bang or evolution, I've heard all the most common pseudo-scientific and religious arguments a million times, and responded to them a million times (that's what it feels like, anyway). Over time you get better at knowing precisely what you need to say, and you say it directly and literally.
    Oh, geez, there's so much racism in the racial profiling thread... I just can't! (BTW, that shinyumbreon guy is a piece of work, look at the Visitor messages he left me)
    Sorry my PM is taking a while, Baba Yaga. My conversations with you and Auraninja have had to take a back seat to irl events over the holiday weekend. Sit tight!
    I think the thing isn't that feminism isn't devoted to attacking patriarchy denial so much as it acknowledges that focusing on that is a losing battle. To be able to see the patriarchal structure you have to be willing to see the vast range of misogynistic attitudes and how they interact and influence people.You also have to be willing to see things for what they are and not believe the pretty and convenient lie. If people are dead set on believing that misogyny looks this one very specific way, then it's nearly impossible to convince them otherwise.. For a parallel look at what's going on in Ferguson and how people will do all sorts of mental acrobatics to claim that it ISN'T about race. So if we spend our energy trying to convince people that the patriarchy exists, we're really just wasting energy (which is a limited resource, because constantly fighting is exhausting) that could be better put to use doing other things. It's just a matter of pragmatism.

    The Puerto Rico situation is complicated. Like the government is corrupt, you have to jump through hoops to get a part time job, the public service infrastructure is full to the brim with unnecessary bureaucracy, the population suffers from tall poppy syndrome, but at the end of the day these are all things that have their root in that Puerto Rico is, for all intents and purposes, a US colony, because colonization does crazy terrible things to the colonized. It's really complicated and even though I get why things here are the way they are I still have a lot of resentment towards the place. (Also, it's trying to kill me.)
    Oh, I disagree that the best way to deal with them is ignoring them. I 100% believe that calling them out on their BS is the right thing to do. But it just takes energy that I don't have. Ignorance is infinite, my patience is not. The thing is, I don't think the best way to deal with these situations is debate so much as it is just calling them out. I'm willing to have discussions about some things, especially when it comes to explaining and exploring the more complex topics. The basics, the 101? Not so much. The basics is just that, basic. There's no room for debate or discussion there. The point is, I'm not entirely sure that attitude would fly with the mods. X.x (And I get it, that it's not a very nice or open or welcoming position to take, but why shouldn't I take it? How is a discussion ever going to progress if we spend all of our time going over the basics?)

    I'm currently living in Puerto Rico. I'm moving back because of complex reasons that can be summarized as "I hate living here". (I know I'm sounding snarky, but my feelings towards Puerto Rico really are complicated.)
    I personally identify as an intersectional feminist. Because intersectionality is the shizzle and even though it's obviously focused on women, the intersectional perspective is really important because it applies to so many other issues. Also, I feel for you in the feminism thread. I just don't want to post there anymore because the opponents are just willfully obtuse. All I want to do is be snide and sarcastic.

    On my end, I started the moving process and I think I'll be back in Mass by mid/late september. So woot for that. And yes, "getting your life together" is hard and it sucks a major ton. But I'm glad things are finally looking up for you! :)
    I've just been super busy/stressed with life stuff. This year has been absolutely terrible for me and I'm trying to get things back on track so I don't have a whole lot of time to spend on sppf. When it comes to debating in particular, I just don't have the emotional energy for it right now. I'm hoping to come back more soon, but I don't know.
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