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Baba Yaga
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  • I know what you mean All my friends are ****ing hippies like me. It's hard to be all "I'm right, you're wrong!" when your friends all have the same sentiments. I get the whole racist joke things too. Except I'm not white, and instead of racist, it's sexist. God damn it feminism, stop making me realize that my actions have consequences. >.> lol

    In other, other news,

    Me to a co-worker: Boys are like pokemon. Gotta catch them all!
    It takes a strong and enlightened person to pledge allegiance to God
    This made me laugh, when taken into context of what he wrote afterwords. He basically says this, then goes on to say "and that's why I'll accept the Lawt without question! Because the alternative is accepting science without question!"

    I think some people miss the point of skepticism entirely, haha.
    I agree. It can be slow, but the topics there are superior food for thought - the complete inverse of the chat thread, no? I've only rarely been pushed to antagonistic remarks, myself (and almost always felt regret afterward, haha), but it's understandable when 1) the conversation is rife with passion, and 2) the context is adversarial/competitive. I'm grateful for your acknowledged docility - I'd noticed you describing someone as ridiculously sensible (or reasonable, I forget), and it's a high form of praise in my opinion too.

    We used to have more solid, active debaters, years ago. One of the few left from the old guard who I still enjoy arguing with is TheFightingPikachu, but we're both sporadically active these days. It's ironically unfortunate that the stronger posters now are almost unilaterally liberal (perhaps even too much so), because every thread has for all intents and purposes a foregone conclusion and a community consensus to go along with it. For me, the value of the forum is in the testing of, and sifting through, all the best arguments for any and all sides of an issue. But to draw that kind of talent we'd have to have a far more friendly atmosphere for the opposing view than we do now.

    Ah, I apologize if I'm yakking your ear off. Like I said, I'm very bored and looking for intelligent conversation. ^_^;
    Hey, Hequetra.

    I'm bored at the moment, so am stopping by to commend your carriage in the Debate forum and elsewhere. Always nice to read intelligent and well-written posts. Cheers. ^_^
    Hm? Oh, I just watch a lot of things on the Science Channel ^_^'
    Besides that, I just pay attention in science class.

    Also, there's a Youtube channel called Big Think. It's a great channel. Big people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Michio Kaku, Richard Dawkins, and Lawrence Krauss make frequent appearances and talk about theory, religion, cosmology, and evolutionary biology. I recommend this video. It's 42 minutes long, but it'll give a great base understand of the universe, and even if you know a lot of science already, it's a great watch. It's incredibly informational.
    There's also another channel called thunderf00t. He makes a lot of videos regarding the debunking of religious thoughts about science. His best Youtube series, "Why do we laugh at creationists", is fairly biased, obviously by the title. However, it offers a lot of base scientific knowledge that is very, very handy.
    Um. The Zimmerman case got the media attention that it did because it took 33 days for police to even make an arrest. It was because of the media attention that Zimmerman even got a trial, and it didn't end up being another instance of "Black kid is dead, was probably a thug. Screw investigation." which all too often happens.
    Addressing this here to prevent the GCT from becoming cluttered.

    The case garnered a substantial amount of media attention due to the fact it was a white man shooting a black kid. This wasn't the ONLY reason, yes, but you'd be foolish to say that the nationwide coverage had nothing to do with race.
    I know the feeling. And eh, having a debates section isn't that odd for a Pokemon forum (living there like Maeder seems to do is though). It's better than it used to be, but it's still pretty hard to get a good debate going when the only opposition are the likes of ansem and LDSman.
    Haha, it wasn't even a matter of paying attention, all he had to do was read the posts. I'm all right though, just having one of those weeks where I end up trying to do all my schoolwork during school. How're things on your end?
    I don't think it's so much that there's a battle between the willfully ignorant and the self righteous, so much as it's the willfully ignorant pissing off those who genuinely want to teach and making it difficult to distinguish the willfully ignorant from those who genuinely want to learn.

    Although I will definitely admit that (at least) the anti tone-policing stance that the social justice community does more harm than good, even though they have 100% legitimate reasons for it. I don't think tone policing has been discussed yet though, so I'm not sure it applies in this specific instance.
    To be honest, I'm not sure I really feel like debating cultural appropriation right now, especially if you read that article and your main focus is the feelings of white people. But if that's one of the first things you've read on the subject, I would really suggest doing some more independent research because there are a lot of resources out there. I've spent a lot of time lately trying explain these kinds of concepts to people and why they're harmful, and I'm just kind of mentally exhausted by the number of people who aren't even willing to try to understand it. Frankly, I'm tired.
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