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  • I actually don't see much in Welbeck, I don't know why. Besides, he still has a slight niggle.

    I would start like this.

    Hart (GK)

    Johnson (RB) Cahill (CB) Jagielka (CB) Baines (LB)

    Gerrard (CDM)

    Lallana (RM) Oxlade-Chamberlain (LM)

    Rooney (CAM)

    Lambert (ST) Sturridge (ST)
    I was looking forward to Townsend, but he got injured and missed out, as did Walcott and Rodriguez. I'm waiting to see how strong the defence will be with Jagielka and Cahill in the centre, Baines on the left (could be the best in the world soon with his crossing ability) and Johnson on the right. Looks pretty sturdy.
    Rooney does nothing for England, he's never even scored in a World Cup, and he's been in three. Hopefully that changes this time around. Barkley, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sturridge and Lambert are the ones I'm looking forward to. I also want to see how Hart does, first time in a while we've had a good keeper. Remember Calamity James?
    Lux Aurumque

    The rounds have been posted on the main thread. Please remember two things.

    Week One: Round 1 & 2 get both of those battles done.
    The next 4 weeks you'll battle 3 times. Understand that these 4 weeks are not BO3. So if you don't get all your battles done you won't get the points you would've had if done 3 battles.
    The Round ends on May, 3rd.
    If something comes up like you're unable to get your battle done please contact me.

    Hi, interested in an HA Eevee. I have a Togepi for you. Did you want a 5IV Togepi, or is just any good? I don't expect a 5IV Eevee but if you've got one that's Timid I'm willing to breed the Togepi to get a 5IV one with the correct nature. Let me know:)
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