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  • Gonna meet you on discord again. Making a new account finally, username is RzK_4K. #5383. Send me a friend request whenever you see this message!
    It does have a great story line tbh. I was impressed.

    What changed your mind about giving out your social media?
    Yep, for a whole week with catch rate of 2%. :| Sun Moon had some ridiculous Pokemon, but my entire team was made up of Pokemon from previous games. :p
    Good, maybe we could have a group or something.

    I did lose interest in between, but now I am back and playing. I'm looking forward to the ultra games, and I still Play Pokemon Go. Just traveled 15KM to catch an Articuno. :D
    I'm doing good, thank you. How about you?

    I'm still in India. Gonna go in the last week of September.

    Are you sure you do not wish to share your FB/instagram/Whatsapp? I'd really like to be in touch with RZK and you, although, RZK is still AWOL.
    Why did you delete a message?
    And it took only 1501 tries... (1970 total for final coin)

    Plus. Did your joystick come packed with some software disc?
    Mine did and it turns out it had a program like joy2key, but much better for all Logitech controllers.
    I remember joy2key having some issues with mapping mouse movement to the second stick for Jet Set Radio which I didn't try to fix with the new program. But for whatever reason joy2key also didn't let me replicate arrow keys for Shantae. But the Logitech profiler didn't get stumped there. So yeah, I suggest looking for alternatives, because joy2key falls through in some places...

    And I did a typing speed check on type racer. There it is about 35-39 wpm, unless there's some long words I don't know and dog crap grammar and punctuation, where it can drop to like 28.
    I had a better time doing transcripts on tux type phrase typing where it was 45 wpm (because there's a sound when you make a typo and it had easier to follow poems that were also more interesting to read).
    So basically, probably you win because I suck at writing transcripts.
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