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Bald Accountant
Last Activity:
Dec 2, 2013
Oct 11, 2013
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Bald Accountant


Bald Accountant was last seen:
Dec 2, 2013
    1. QuoteMissy
      It depends upon the guild, my guild is pretty savvy with average or less battlers, but some of the ultra-competitive guilds can be the equivalent of a shark tank.
      You usually battle within your own guild, when guild members from other guilds battle against one another they're called guild wars and the guild leaders/war captains choose who participates in the wars.
    2. QuoteMissy
      Smogon before Poopinabox broke it.
      Guilds are pseudo-social groups where people come to either learn about competitive battling, teach competitive battling, or to just battle in general. Socializing is allowed in the guild as long as it's on-topic (allowed topics has gotten expanded recently though) that's a watered-down definition though (it's kind of tough to explain them) take a look around in some of the guilds to get a more defined grasp of what it looks like.
      I'm in Team Enchanted Garden myself.
    3. QuoteMissy
      You look rather familiar! :p
      (Hello BA!)
    4. Skarm™
      Holy crap you're on Serebii :O
    5. Wego
      As long as their legal I dont care
    6. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      I am not usually on during the day (empty office at work today)
      I am usually on at night around 8-10PM Eastern time.
      Are you OK with legal hacks or do I need to use my EV trained pokes?
    7. Wego
      Hey welcome to the site feel free to pm or vm me for a battle
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