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  • at first the controls bothered me somewhat and the camera angles did a bit too but its not that bad. It didn't seem that great until after the 3rd mission or so then I got really addicted to the story and the gameplay is pretty decent. Overall its a great game. You get to pull a star destroyer out of the sky which is just bad ***
    star wars the force unleashed x) she wanted to play it on the hardest difficulty possible , shes even more addicted to that game than I am XD.
    A shelf life? please explain? XD I've been keeping well, my uni year is almost finished, and a the end of it, I get a Certificate, so I'm heaps excited. Been working like crazy with assignments and all.
    night man <3 (missed you on TH? chat was helping morgan beat this boss in a video game) XD
    its cool she just had to type this paper and it was due at midnight x) she was really interested in it lol
    maybe it was more of a Team Rocket Giovanni reference thing he was going for when he said that to me about a cat x)
    :< I sorry, the champion only gets to hold Iggly's cat and sit in a cool chair but nothing else. Oh wait they good prestige, yes prestige. I like that word C:
    Sounds like a good idea to me, but emphasize on the 'battling part' of it, else itd get moved...
    By me (H)

    I was aware, yet isnt fixed yet ;)

    Thanks for letting me know though =D

    See you for that battle soon, stranger (chew)
    With ma Lanturns ofc!
    I didn't ruin it :< technically Iggly did it (H)

    want some tacos (chew) xD did you read my last post about the champion before it all got deleted? Also tell Iggly what went wrong with the sub forum please as I cba to explain stuff right now D: *Goketsu used escape rope*

    Translation: naptime for Goke
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