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  • that video you sent me was hilarious x) sorry I was afk at the time. Just started a playthrough with the Sentinel class so far it's going great and has become my 2nd favorite class.
    I have an addiction to changing avatars me thinks. Too bad theres not an internet help AA (Avatars Anonymous) group for that x)
    Dunno I went from Cloud Strife to, Vash from Trigun , to a fanart thing of Revan , to Spike from Cowboy Bebop then back to Shepard's N7 symbol x). I think Im gonna keep this one for awhile
    tis da truth , though when skiyomi first made me the future gohan avvy I wore that one for almost a month before I alternated it a bunch x) but ever since then a week has been my max D:
    I can't stop changing my avatar x_x, I went from cloud , to kratos , to hk , to future gohan , to teen gohan , to garrus , and now to shepard/n7 symbol. And I'll prolly change it again before you get this XD something is very wrong with me
    What a great day for baseball =D , Rangers took Game 1 and Roy Halladay pitched a no hitter for the Phils (H)
    I'm not sure honestly , it would be really close. Legion is an epic sniper and gets a shield boost.
    Interjection: Master you seem to be suffering from a minor malfunction, report to the Mass Effect Wiki terminal for treatment.

    I can't think of anything for Legion either x).
    i invited you B) you know you should be able to invite yourself to any group by clicking pending & invited members and inviting yourself (or anyone else you want to invite)
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