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  • True true. I don't even have my permit yet and I'm going to get that tommorow which means I have to wait 6 months to get my license. ;-;
    Thanks dude. I read up and that seems very interesting.
    Too bad I live in Western Bama... Huntsville area is about 3 hours from me so I'm not sure I can go to that. =[

    First vm from ya too. ;p
    twas funny though XDD anyways we got to battle again soon. I feel like Ive been slipping a bit lately.
    Okay...If you're up fr a battle when you get home, PM me. I should be around, and I'll battle...Trying to figure out still which poke perfects my current team more...

    They are both the same poke...but they have one slight difference to them...One has a prefered hidden power type, the other has an egg move that works great. Same EV's and nearly the same IV's (slightly different IV's to allow for the correct HP 70)
    Oh, I though they were at a lower level (that was my assumption, not his)...Oh well...Still will have a decntly IV'd one.

    I have an Arceus, but it has a Serious nature and ALL of it's IV's are single digit numbers...so it hasn't seen the light of day on a team.
    Care for a battle...Since I have had the time to actually put an updated team together, I'm sure I'll givee you a better battle than the last couple we have had.
    Can't help you with that ne...Yet...BUT, one of my friends on line does the RNG stuff and got three of the TRU ones...Said he would RNG me a Modest one to my specifications...Which were...

    31/*/31/31/31/31 (and the TRU one comes @ lvl 70)

    I'll let you know when I actually have it...He does VGC stuff, so he focuses on VCG legal pokes first, but I'm sure I'll have it within the next couple of weeks.
    Not sure where it went, but I found out it actually didn't work (though at the time I was most certain it did.

    My trick i listed only works if your Poke is under level 100. If you had a Poke that was at nearly lvl 100 that you didn't have enough room to EV it completely before it hit lvl up, I could tell you, but if it's at lvl 100, it doesn't work.

    I goofed, and jumped the gun when I typed that up.

    What were you trying to fix, anyways...Who knows...I might be able to help, without helping you with what you asked for.
    I read it =). Its kinda what you were trying to tell me awhile ago about playing a pokemon a different way than it is. Like in our mono battle where after you explained to me that i played Porygon Z like specs Z when it was really Sub Petraya Z.
    Wow. I've never had someone twist my words like that. Damn, I was played around pretty badly then XD
    I'll add it to my list of games to pick up here soon. I still need to get Uncharted 2. The God of War Compilation is coming out soon and I need to get that. Then Mass Effect 2 is coming out in January and I need to get that. Too many games to play.
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