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  • Red left? I hadn't heard anything about him in a while, but I didn't know that he left. Huh. Yeah, and the situation with mike was kind of sad, really. He made an alt account and came back for a day, but he got IP banned, ya know.
    Yeah, there were some medical issues, but those are all take care of, so I'm fine now. Also, were you here when people were talking about reviving T3? I don't know if that's still happening or not, but it was supposed to this summer, if you didn't already know.
    Yay! My life is pretty good at the moment. Had a rough spot the last few months with being in the hospital a few times, but I'm all right now. I just hate that I have friends and cousins who are done the school year since they're in college, and I still have another month and a few days, bleh.
    ummm long story:
    so a coupe of guys (not telling who)decided to mess with mike and ended up making him a huge troll
    now mike was getting bored of pokes and decided to leave serebii....with a bang. Long story short he posted a bunch of porn on several mod walls and gay porn on serebii's wall........he got ip banned. He made an alt a while ago...that got banned too.
    mew_ made it :p and lol idk erik hasn't told me, he just confirmed that he was re-making. But morgan and cory are gone, so are a lot of us.....but shane's here, and carlos might come back iirc :p
    true haha t3 was fun, and lol we thought you were dead forreal xDDD and guess what clan is being revived this summer???

    Hey, good going. What's been on around here? And, by any chance you got heartgold or similar? I'm looking to trade.
    What are those little nyan cat things called, and the little flying things called in your sig?
    So how's it been going, BB? I thought you were gone forever, like Daru. But now both of you are back!
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