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  • Hey Balmund, are you still an updator? I'm just asking because my WI adventure hasn't moved since August and I was really enjoying it.
    Nope I'll go with it. It wouldn't be the first time you've done something totally unexpected in this adventure :p I've learnt to improvise a lot. The story usually ends up better though.

    And as for the Emperor's box, I can dig that. If only I'd had her give you a thumbs down to signal your execution like the emperor does to gladiators xD

    I'm not going to start your update today, I've got to send off a 1 page dissertation plan by Tuesday and I haven't even started it and I'm working every day up until then.
    Uh Balmund, I thought your idea was really cool but the Siren isn't in the chamber with you. I might still allow Heart Swap to work though if you want, I don't think both Pokémon have to be visible for you to use it. She's spectating from above like some evil goddess.
    At the very least it'll throw him off and force him to say, "Wait, you're actually going to eat this guy!?" XD

    Maybe that's the Milotifolk side of you starting to take over...
    I'm trying to save for PC slots, sorry. D: And you know my Cable Club addiction problems, you know I wouldn't keep candies if I wasn't desperate. I even have Swinub in the Daycare at the minute!
    Hey, Balmund. I noticed you have a Love Ball in your inventory. If you're not fussed about keeping it, would you trade it for a berry or two, or perhaps a gumni?
    I just saw the discussion in the TO thread. I'm willing to find someone else to babysit Dustox so you can trade for the Machop.
    Oh, about that... I obviously posted that before I evolved him. I actually plan on RPing his evolvution in there in my next update if that's alright. He'll stay as a Remoraid in that adventure for juuuuuust a little longer. Alternatively, you could evolve him. What I'm saying is, just pretend that the evolution didn't happen yet and we can call it a day. :D

    And thanks! I've noticed that Remoraid keeps learning these beam-type attacks, so I thought... hey, why not? XD
    Sorry 'bout that. I was using another device and I was under limited time ^^" I will though. Thanks for reminding me!
    Hey Balmund. My policy on attacks is a max of 3 per Pokémon in normal battles and 2 per Pokémon in double battles. It's my bad for not saying, I just find it hard to keep up otherwise >>;
    Aloha Balmund; I know it's kinda early to be bumping, especially coming from me, but the DQ limits passed and I smell blood :p.
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