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  • imo it goes
    zayn > liam & louis > niall & harry.

    idk my favorite song. i love one thing. the acoustic version is so flawless.
    i really love their cover of forever young tho.

    save you tonight is brilliant, too.

    but, i recently fell in love with 'tell me a lie' because of zayn's bit at the end where he's like "TELL ME A LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" aslkjfdlkjfs
    Apparently More Than This is going to be the next single from Up All Night....definitely not my first choice but I like all their songs.
    oh. my. god. so lately all i've been listening to is one direction.
    i love them so much now
    thank you for inspiring me to listen!!!!
    The other night, my guy friend was over here, and in between us watching United States of Tara, I showed him 1D's WMYB music video. He wants their album now. Haha.
    Well, it's kinda the same principle with Justin Bieber - people get all up in arms about it, and I'm just like, "It's just music."
    I mean, I used to not particularly care about him, but then my best friend convinced me to see Never Say Never 3D, and . . . I was surprised haha.

    I admit, though, I haven't listened to 1D that much since MDNA leaked. I'll gradually start listening to it again, of course. :D
    Since we seem to be the only ones who care lol....Billboard has confirmed that One Direction will debut at either Number 1 or 2 here in the US this week :)
    i love bambi!!! it became my gmas nn for me after my 50th watch of the tape we owned. i cried for 3 hours when it was given away (too old for it my mom said... i was six)
    It's a Thread where the majority of the posters are *****y gay guys...what did you expect?
    Hahaha. I saw this and I just couldn't stop laughing IRL. A+
    So, as you suspected, that cover was fake. BUT, Nicola released the official single cover (here). Also, her website says that the CD single will have the album version, a live version, and the Sticks + Stones demo!
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