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  • Since you seem like one of the few Nicola Roberts fans here, I have something you might like. A few weeks ago, the "Yo-Yo" single cover was released. Here it is.
    LOL, he's used the "tl;dr" trololol remark on three of us now. Man, he's really bad at this. He sent me a friend request, too, but like you I denied it because he came off as plainly stupid.
    Haha nice. I love concert DVDs. True I don't watch them often because of time. But it's nice to have the option :)
    Since I feel like we are the only Britney fans hear I figured I would just post this directly to your page.....The Femme Fatale Tour DVD comes out November 21st :)
    Sad to see you're not a "monster" but just wanted to tell you that I love the Monster lyrics in your signature, one of her best songs. I, a guy, am a monster and proud :)
    Ugh, I really need to take GaGa out of my signature. Everyone just automatically assumes I'm a huge GaGa stan when really I enjoy her music but would NEVER call myself a 'little monster'. I don't care that he's hating on GaGa, I just don't see the point in him contributing to this thread if that's all he's going to do [and if you type his username into the thread search bar you would see that literally all his posts have done just that]. Just like if anyone only posted on this thread solely to bash Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney, etc. ANYWAYS, I'm really not up for getting into an arguement with someone about someone else's argument. I wasn't even hating on Snorunt, I was just asking him why he was here. I'm over it.
    (Responding to this through VM to not deviate further from the topic).

    I didn't assume you were an avid Lady Gaga fan whatsoever, in fact, I didn't even notice your signature until you mentioned it. I just figured you did not like him discussing an opposing view to a pop artist. While I'm interested in reading people's opinions, wether it be opposing or for, I like them. I guess others don't feel the same way, but I was genuinely interested seeing both sides discuss an artist so avidly.

    Someone's mood doesn't exactly show through the internet, not blatantly at least, so I hope you understand that I'm not attacking you or anything. It wasn't my intention to come off as rude, so I do apologize if that's how you took my tone as.
    Yeah, I turn 20 in July. One year closer to legal drinking age I guess, but still. It's going to feel so weird not being a teenager anymore. :/
    Always a good thing. :) Oh, and I call everyone kid or child for some reason. I've even been caught addressing clear thirty year old plus people with "Excuse me child.." I'm strange. I know.
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