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  • I don't mind mixing things up... but this type of radical change doesn't sound like a good thing. If no Gyms and no "Elite 4"... there better be one heck of an after game or so help me ; )
    That's why you need to find that balance. It's not nearly as hard as you think, but it does take trial and error. TBH, I'm by no means an expert, I just tend to go with the flow of things. Even then, that gets me into trouble

    Sun and Moon are gonna be a journey that's for sure... no gyms suck imo if the quests look as easy as they sound.
    I don't mean that you have to stick to one team, just find the core you like... there's literally a couple dozen or so Pokemon available to mix and match with : )

    And I'm not usually the straight up defensive type, I just have preference for starters and focus on their strengths and move capabilities... in Chesnaught's case, it's a Support Wall
    I think you're actually there, you just have to decided what type of core you're aiming at and develop a team around it that suits you
    I'm honestly just as surprised as you that I lived... Ice Beam probably kills me if you had it
    Psystrike tackles the Physical Defense... Chesnaught sits at 220 HP / 216 Defense at level 50
    Even with no EV's Legends are dangerous if you don't play precautionary. Not nearly as deadly if EV trained though
    I don't really think you're that far off anyway... I did have to gamble a ton just to even beat some of your team. The one thing that helped tip me off was Metagross carrying the Choice Band
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