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  • That's cuz you just got back lol. This last time I was banned was the first time I got banned in like a year.
    Yeah, emboar was always one of my favorites (mind you, I've always found things with ridiculously giant HP stats to be fun to use). Staraptor had its moments too, mind you I only ever used it once and that was before I found out Hitmonlee (another badass reckless abuser) had access to fake out. I don't wanna say that this event is gonna change the tiers up, but with serperior being able to OHKO every wall in UU and Emboar having Flare Blitz AND Head Smash AND Wild Charge AND base 123 Attack (3 higher than staraptor's) we could easily see things like aegis becoming OU-usable just to counter these things.
    No worries. Oh, and I'd suggest saving a bunch of excess WT pokemon too. From what I heard, everyone wants one of those emboars (even more than serperior). Apparently reckless tepigs are gonna be ridiculously popular/OP due to it basically 2HKO'ing everything in OU and aegis being banished to ubers.
    Meh, people always have their own personalities (that, and I used to co-run a breed shop and people would back out of deals ALLLL THE TIME). Anywho, you sorta didn't specify. If you wanted to, we could do the deal for the buneary now and I could send you a VM when I finish my next batch of chimchars (I'm trying to get 3 boxes full for when the h/a emboar event comes out).
    I already have a contrary one, but I hate short-ending people in deals I already agreed to (Bro-Code, chapter 6 verse 3). I'll still do the deal, but if you want one of the chimchars I probably won't have any ready until tomorrow.
    Kinda. I actually managed to nab a few of them off wonder trades (japs are trading them like crazy). I also accidentally traded all the iron fist chimchars, and thus only have blaze ones left. If you want to still do the deal, I could rebreed some more (albeit that'd take a while) or I could offer up one of those bunearys.
    Naw, I have a 6IV shiny one with solar power that I've been using since the beginning of gen 5. Thanks though. (If you want a chimchar though, I could easily set one aside should you run across anything nifty)
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