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Feb 1, 2014
Apr 15, 2011
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October 25

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barak446 was last seen:
Feb 1, 2014
    1. Ash Ketchum!
      Ash Ketchum!
      Before I befriend you, who are you?
    2. Qmaz246
      Hello, whats up?
    3. Dragohammer227
      Thanks 4 visiting my shop. the moves of thee Timid Crobat Nicknamed r sludge bomb, giga drain, air slash, and dark pulse. also in case ur wondering its ability is inner focus
    4. ~Light
      There are forms in the first post for everything I make, just copy those forms and fill them in
    5. ~Light
      I don't understand what you're saying sorry.
    6. Qmaz246
      Dude, Mew's shop is closed, delete your request before your banned forever!
    7. Grei
      No. You have your own now, but I'm not just giving out my signature stuff. I don't have the time to open a shop, and I made this for me.
    8. jolteon27

      ok then
    9. jolteon27
      i can hook you up with the dw starters, what can you offer me?
    10. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Yes, you'd be better off with Timid/Modest nature for Lanturn...And as for Hidden Power, if you would ever want to use one, use either HP Fire 70, or Hidden Power Grass 70. Ferrothorn walls Lanturn, and a stiff fire attack before a Rain Dance will likely OHKO it...

      OR, if that nasty Ground/Water type comes out to troll you, just take it out with HP Grass...It's a simple solution...

      252 Special Attack, 252 Speed.

      Another option is to have another pokemon use Rain Dance and switch into Lanturn. A preferable option for something like that is a Gyarados or something, or possibly even that Politoed's Drizzle Ability.

      However, using a Kingdra on the same team with a Rain Dance + switch in with Lanturn will really give you an edge...
    11. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Forgot it could use Ice Beam...the beam is far better than hp ice for obvious reasons...
    12. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      I recommend a set w/Volt Absorb, and the moves Scald, Thunder, Rain Dance, and T-wave/HP Ice...
    13. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      When you are going for a defensive-set Blissey, paralysis makes for a FAR better staller than Toxic...I recommend a Modest nature with EVs in S-Att and S-Defense for both power ad durability...

      As for Heracross, go for Adamant nature with Attack and Speed EVs...Megahorn, Brick Break are good wall-busting moves...Not sude about Hera's entire movepool though, so you'll have to find two other good moves for coverage...
    14. -Nator-
      I'll tell you two of his moves:
      -Focus Blast

      I don't wanna give away too much info...
    15. -Nator-
      Sure will.
      FC: 4727-7287-1343
    16. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      I would rather run thunder wave over toxic...
    17. Kierzor
      Are you giving me something back?
    18. Kierzor
      But why did you delete the messages.
      And I'd like at least something back
    19. Macario
      Sounds good
    20. Macario
      Wanna battle
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