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  • Both haha, until I know more about version exclusives etc, but I always end up getting both anyway.
    Hahaha I think you either underestimate her or overestimate your abilities - probably a combination of the two. And I think you 'threw' an ultra ball
    Yea ok well I'd actually figured about that much out! Ok well that's good! You can try and woo her then! More details please! What's her name, what's she like?
    Yes of course. I thought the slightly black part was the most accurate but I see where you're coming from with the height and size.
    Hahaha oh my god this is definitely a language I do not speak! But sounds like it's all working out so I'm happy for you! Let's try the same thing with my language:


    So this morning I had Ballet, as usual. Ballet is always structured the same way, start with Barre, finish with Grand Allergro. So at the Barre we did Plies, Battement Tendu, Battement Glisse, Ronde de Jambe, Battement Fondu, Battement Frappe Petit Battement combined. Then we had a b!tch of an Adage and finished with Grand Battement. Then into the centre where we did a Port de Bras and Adage combo which was pretty hard, but we pushed through it! Then we went straight into Pirouettes, we did some en dehors and en dedans both on the knee and in attitude and arabesque. There were also a few Chaines and Petit Soutanus. Then we did Allegro. Started simple with some changements, soubrasouts, echappe sautés and sissonnes. Then we did a Medium Allegro with some bigger sissonnes, pas de chats, glissades and jetes. Grand Allegro was nice with lots of cabrioles and grand jete en tournant and grand assembles en tournanent and of course there were some grand jetes. We finished class with a manege with Pose pirouettes, jete elance and fouettes. My favourite part of class is from Pirouettes onwards so it was a good class, got worked hard and worked up a good sweat!

    o btw. dats all in 1.5 hours at uni, then we do 2 more classes and then 4 hours of rehearsals. Woo!
    Hahaha good to hear.


    Hahahaha I really did not need to know that. Not going to lie, they're pretty kick arse - very perky, no sag to them because they're so little hahaha. Good night!
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