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  • I mostly just use paint. For recolors and adding a transparent background I use Gimp (a free version of photoshop)
    Yeah, he has had many workers before.

    I tried Pikachu, it looked too cute. I will try Venusaur.
    Yes it is.

    Hey, I like your banners! I would suggest to try to be a worker in The Under.

    Also, for the new GWSC theme, can you suggest me a Pokemon?
    Glad you like them :)
    Yes, around the holidays, I usually make the GWSC holiday themed. So a santa-theme would probably be around Christmas. Any suggestions for specific challenges for the GWSC are always welcome.

    At January I'm happy.
    At February I'm mad.
    At March I cry.
    At April I laugh.
    At May I seek one for me.
    At June I notice it's not for me.
    At July I fall beneath.
    At August I get up to try once again.
    At September I feel like the world's in pain.
    At October I miss my old days.
    At November I get a whole new year.
    And at December I notice, this depression is for me.
    There's no more months ahead of me. There's no hope for me, whose life is restricted to dependency and clemency.
    All that's for me is the beauty and free, lady Death.
    Wisdom. Unique wisdom.
    A gift from the skies by the Father of life.
    Intended creation fulfilled with love.
    One wisdom destroyed by us.
    And each of us shall pay.
    When judgement finally reaches its day.
    Every single human that has come from him.
    Shall be judged like a man, but all with a love in all senses.
    For those whose heart is asking for clemency.
    The Lord shall fulfill your heart with hope.
    And you'll reborn with the Wisdom of the World.
    Hey Bard, thanks for adding that white outlining! I myself learned how to do it while messing around with GIMP.
    No worries! I know you wish to have your attacks hit its mark, but do be mindful that you don't end up trying to control everything that goes on and making outright outrageous orders.
    Heh, thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my reffings!

    To become one yourself, you first have to have taken part in at least two completed matches. The outcome means nothing as long it was not cancelled or ended in disqualification. With that under your belt, You can submit a referee "application" here. It will be in the form of a "mock" reffing showing an understanding of how things work. Make sure to read all the rules and guidelines on that page before anything else...

    Afterwards, it takes patience for a League Official to have a look at it and review it. If they are pleased with your work, congratulations, you're a ref! You'll be able to ref matches for others, but only when you get permission from both trainers, until you get a grade that is. But even if you don't pass, try try again, making revisions along the way!

    It is suggested to look at other matches and see how those people ref, for inspiration and a better understanding of things. Mind you, it doesn't need to be cookie cutter; be creative. Add your own style or flair that sets you apart from the rest!
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