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  • As a result of inactivity between June 18 and the time of this message, your claim on Reuniclus on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    That's been there since the start of September, IIRC. :p

    That is more than likely what I'll be doing from now until solid evidence confirming them is presented (aka, the release of the games, or perhaps Pokemon Sunday showcasing them). I'm so tired of arguing that they're real. I may defend them but I'm so sick of this havoc already.

    I decided Mijumaru's final evolution is the only one I have a problem with, the other ones I can accept. I suppose I'll just take V Faction's advice and accept them, because regardless of if they're real or not, the outcome will be good.
    Lol, yup. I got the sprite art and make them in photoshop. I figured this recent one was fitting.

    ... can I just say I think it's kind of funny how the entire forum seems to be up in arms about these Starters? Regardless of who is right, I think it's crazy that even the webmaster is getting involved.
    Thanks! Was fun going through and picking all my favs. Notice the abundance of grass types? :p There was a few 5th gener's I could include because they don't have good sprites yet, like Tsutarja. But I'm gonna re-do it once everythings been ripped any way :)

    I like your sig too, btw. :) And not just coz you quoted me in it. ;)
    I think Rankurusu (aka Gooiebaby) is cute ♥ Thus far we have Smugleaf he is super awesome, Wotter who is supa cute Chillarmy obviously a cutie, Munna, Emonga, Shikijika, Tabunne, Victini and Zorua and they are all just cute, There is loads of AWESOME looking pokemon too
    Awesomage. I'm lovin all the new legendaries, Plus Zoroark (aka 5th Gen's Lucario) and allot of the new pokemon. One thing Ive noticed is the upheaval of Cute pokemon for this game
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