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  • Ok, I can do either 4th or 5th generation (my boyfriend unlocked the poketransfer on his and I sent a few Jirachi to my 5th gen)
    It's totally fine, I understand, I have a very difficult semester myself. I still have Jirachi and am willing to trade. I'll be on a lot tomorrow if you're available.
    Oh I see what you are saying that makes sense. So I could trade to your diamond with my soul silver and then we can trade via 5th generation for the other pokemon. Makes sense. Do you have any event pokemon? or Arceus, or any shinys? If not I will accept the Landorus.
    Pretty much all I need now is Deoxys (totally understand if you don't have him, or if you do and don't wanna trade because they are hard to come by) but other than that I guess a thundurus or Zekrom. If none of these are an option, at a later date when I can trade Jirachi easily to my Black without the help of another gamer we can continue negotiations if you wish.
    No thank you, I already have Registeel and can get Landorus. My Jirachis are on my 4th generation and I'm having a friend trade them from my Soul Silver to his Black, to my Black so I can have them on my 5th generation. So right now they are reserved for pokemon I do not already have/ones I cannot easily obtain.
    Yes I have Jirachi still, I have the pokemon colleseum bonus disk, so as long as I restart the game, and play to a certain point in my Ruby, I can transfer it over to my Soul Silver or Black. The are WISHMKR Jirachis. If you are interested in one please let me know whether you need 4th or 5th generation and what you are offering :)
    I'll do my best not to forget, but its gonna be hard to catch you online. (only time I can get near a computer is about now). Best bet would be to wait until the weekend, sorry for the delay. ^^;
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