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Recent content by Barrysun

  1. Barrysun

    Pokémon Home

    after hearing Nintendo is going to do a future update on Super Mario maker that they will allow players to play with their friends, it makes me wonder if Gamefreak will do the same with Pokémon. (an update that lets you to transfer all of your Pokémon including non-Galar regional Pokémon, I''m...
  2. Barrysun

    Pokémon Home

    I hope in a future update, they'll include all Pokémon, including non-Galar region Pokémon. (unless the 2nd wave of games fixes this issue with all Pokémon transferable)
  3. Barrysun

    What moves would you like to see return as a TM or Move Tutor move?

    here's my list of moves I want as a TM Moonblast Play rough Metronome Mimic Me first Assist Weather ball Night shade Seismic toss Body slam Metal head Skill swipe Role play Stealth rock Thunder, Fire blast, and blizzard replaced by Thunder punch, fire punch, and Ice punch respectively as TMs Sky...
  4. Barrysun

    Your knowledge on the Ultra Necrozma battle

    I've just waited until Pokémon bank updated so I can transfer a strong Pokémon to Ultra sun/Ultra moon, then took on Ultra Necrozma without problems.
  5. Barrysun

    What feature do you want in a upcoming pokemon game back/added?

    my lists; VS seeker= easier to train newer Pokémon catchable mythical Pokémon; they could ether be as DLC, captured in a wormhole like legendries. Johto Poke balls; can't we buy them like the other special balls? can keep Poke balls after releasing Pokémon. (I wouldn't mind seeing this as a...
  6. Barrysun

    Pokemon you plan on transferring to Gen 8.

    Let's see... 12 Vaporeons 6 Metagross 6 Alolan Nintales 4 Gardevoirs 2 Crabominable 5 alolan Marowaks 6 Snorlaxes 5 Heracross 4 Vikavolt 4 Lucario 4 Tsareena 3 Breloom 3 Incineroar 3 Houndoom 3 Delphox 3 Infernapes 3 Magmortars 3 Tyrantrum 3 Greninjas (two have battle bonds) 3 Bisharps 3...
  7. Barrysun

    Who do you think is the easiest and hardest Totem Boss?

    Sun/Moon: easiest: Totem Gumshoos/A. Raticate. thanks to an easy T.M, this challenge was over before it begun! hardest: a tie between Mimikyu and Lurantis. Mimikyu with it's annoying calling for an easy back up while Lurantis gets annoying with Castform joining in, casting sunny day. Ultra...
  8. Barrysun

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    I founded it a bit disappointing, since I have 4 games and would like to have a code for each game... hopefully they'll rerelease them in the future some day.
  9. Barrysun

    Community POTW #060

    *decided to look at an old friend of mine* if you have Gale of darkness around, you can get an exclusive move only available in that game, Tri attack! here's mine's set up. Togekiss Nature: modest Item: safety goggles, leftovers, or a berry Ability: Serene grace Moves: Tri attack (only...
  10. Barrysun

    Features you feel Pokemon Sun and Moon should have had

    Let's see... The wormholes lets you encounter mythical Pokemon, more rebattleable trainers for EX points Amiibo function. (could alow for some daily free gifts) and maybe some mentions people above wanted like contests, DexNav, minigames, and a national dex
  11. Barrysun

    The Battle Agency Thread

    I've started trying it and decided to stop at grade 4 and wait for the Global event. update, since the Global event is live, I'm really started playing it! and incase anyone wishes to add me to help out in the battle agency 5455-9453-6249
  12. Barrysun

    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    I've just begun hunting Legendary Pokemon in Ultra Moon. my first opponent is Mewtwo
  13. Barrysun

    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    Just captured Rayquaza! just only one more legendary to go... then I'll be off to finishing up Ultra Moon's trial and start capturing more legendary Pokemon from there.
  14. Barrysun

    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    Been busy hunting for legendary Pokemon in Ultra Sun, and I've finally captured the missing legendaries that don't required two others. but now I'm hunting down the ones that do required having current legendary Pokemon.
  15. Barrysun

    Mantine Surf record table

    my records. Ultra Sun Melemele beach- 70,985 Heahea beach- 95,797 Ula'ula beach- 107,897 Poni Beach- 105,906 Ultra Moon Melemele beach-58,846 Heahea beach- 81,901 Ula'ula beach- 105,810 Poni Beach- 80,275