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  • Bass, I just now saw that you're in my Stall class. Did you still want to take it? If so, let me know. VM me, don't post it on your own wall, or I won't see it.
    Thanks so much. I'm so sorry. The TImburr is no problem I've caught it with the right nature so I can breed it real soon
    no problem dude. If it's getting on top of you don't worry. Don't want to stress you :) If you can get poinsonheal on glisgor and machpunch on timburr that's all i need i can do the rest :) but like i say, don't over do yourself mate. Take it easy! :D
    Hey so I don't think I can get you the movesets you requested. I can get you the Timburr for sure. I'm not sure about the Gligar though. I'm so overwhelmed with the requests in my shop that I wanna clear everything and take a short break and not have to worry about other people requesting Pokemon. I'm so sorry for this. So if its okay I can get you those two Pokemon. If not I'm going to ask you to cancel your request.
    Nice! :) Kay, the next step is to go to the clan forum, go to Vulcan Academy, then Course Sing Ups :) Then type in which class of mine you wanna take, or both :)

    Classes are in the course catalog. :)
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