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  • As a result of inactivity between August 2 and the time of this message, your claim on Purugly on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    hey i am interested in you DW vaporeon what do you want for it also do you have DW politoed
    hey bestie! hahah lol :p that's good! starting gen V today, should be quite interesting ^.^ i'm excited for it. i'm thinking of trying to SR for everything that you can possibly, just to get ahead with shinies in that game. it may take awhile though :p haven't decided which starter i want, i'm probably gonna go with snivy.
    Hello bestie! I have no idea if you remember me or not, considering I haven't been on in months ;) oh well! How's generation V going for you? :) I just saw the message about your website, and it sounds pretty awesome! Hope all is well :)
    hey bestie :)
    glad to hear from you! hahah care to explain what pokefarm.org is to me? but thats good! :) glad you're doing well!
    sup bestie :) man its been awhile! months actually hahah. sorry about that... busy and all x) how've you been? extended your collection any further? i'm gonna start collecting again :p
    i waited for you over 45 minutes.. when i said 15 minutes..... :(
    i left. and unfortunately i wont be on for a while, just because its going to be a really busy week... sorry. so this coming weekend? maybe?
    Buena tarde besttiee :)
    yeah its been awhile lol, ive been quite busy hahah. AWESOME! and guess what =D im getting my crown suicune xD haha we should make a club! i hope your day is super fantastic and you have no hw to keep you up ^.^ talk to ya soon!
    dear bestie, yeah im reading this 'tomorrow'. and you're right, i did brighten my day =D im glad your day was busy, at least you weren't bored to death like i was. i hope today is great for you, and something fantastic happens ^.^
    dear bestie,
    my day was good (yes, i thougth you needed to know) pm when you are free, i feel like you brighten my day lol =D
    from, your bff ^.^
    dear best friend =P
    how are you? need your help on deciding which pokemon to get for my regigigas
    fight between jirachi and manaphy ^.^
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