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  • Got your Toxel ready for trade, please let me know when you're available!
    Thank you a ton!! I'm sorry it took so long, but I appreciate the patience. @w@ Excited to train these kids up! c:
    Cool! if you spot me feel free to request. I should expect the name Jonny right?
    Hmm, I really wasn't wanting to trade tonight but I am around. I can check on the stuff and see if maybe I have time to swing it today.
    It happens haha, time zones are hard to match up. So far it seems like my Sun is free! I should be up and ready to trade by 10 AM my time (which should be Sat 8 PM your time)!
    Sorry, I won't be available again until my trading time on Wed. I could do then or we can try again for the weekend!
    Seems like I keep on missing you (I'm doing a bunch of stuff as well @@), But I am still around! I'll sit on WiFi and wait!
    Okay! So that should be 8 PM your time on Sat night, which will come out to 10 AM Sun morning for me.
    Cool! I have everything ready so we can meet up and do it (which is good as I have another engagement around that time, but I should be able to do it still; if it's possible for you to do earlier I could also do up to 4 hours earlier!)
    Cool! I think your Sat night at that time (my Sun afternoon) would be the safest as I'm not sure when I get off work on Sat, is that alright? Also, I have this listed as the trade, is it correct?

    BatmanAndRobin -- Shiny Yveltal (Adamant), PC Shiny Diancie (Naive), Nebel Volcanion (Timid), Hoopa [7TH] -> 5IV Stufful x2, 5IV Salandit, Shiny 5IV Binacle [7TH]

    Not sure I told you the nickname for the Salandit; as only females can evolve ideally it'll be female, so nickname it Yuniko please!
    Sorry, midnight EST is 2 PM here the following day, so I would still be at work (I'm only around 7-10 PM my time on Wed night), so maybe the weekend is better. @@
    Hello there! I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you, it's a very busy time of the year for me. @@ I've changed my trade times around which you can check in my thread,but my next available time would be my Wed night. The weekend is looking like I'll be around my Sat afternoon and Sun. Would any of that work for you? :0
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