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  • you welcome and me too I hope to have alot more soon when bank comes out ^_^ I need to get few more apricorn ball choices out of my hg and ss games and as well I got some ha still sitting in bw >.>
    alrighty going online then :3 just was waiting for your vm XD which I think I didn't add you yet silly me XD
    yeah I normally don't pm sorry which I barely clean out my inbox anymore since it fills up so face with people sending me so many messages which are tbh not that important lol but anyway if your ready to trade I can get online ^_^
    hey sweetie seems we keep missing each other been on and off and your offline XD I just have to trade you know your the only one left ^_^ if you see my green light and your still up just shoot me a vm ;) I will keep checking for you ;)
    hey batmanandrobin your requests are ready for trade which I will be able to trade on thursday about to go to bed since I worked early in the morning very tired >.< my timezone is eastern timezone usa which I be online off and on thursday after 11 am :3 I am sure we will catch eachother your online alot I noticed ^_^
    I just realized I've actually got a Moon Ball Sneasel in gen 6, is there anything else you can offer?
    Both of your requests are ready! Minior was such a pain, kept giving me 31/xx/31/31/31/31 IV sets x)
    My bad, I thought I edited the form to include IVs, but do you want a certain IV spread on the Wishiwashi? I can't do anything with 0IVs though :/
    Would you be interested in a Japanese Masuda Deoxys Modest 31/xx/31/31/31/31 for 1-2 of your Kalos Bred shinies?
    Hey! I am interested in your Brave Honedge. I have a shiny Clauncher. It doesn't have good IVs tho. Tell me if you are interested! :)
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