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Baton Passer
Last Activity:
Jun 6, 2016
Apr 27, 2009
Likes Received:
In your fridge eating the food
Being electrical!!

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Baton Passer

Bzzzzzzzzzzt!, from In your fridge eating the food

Baton Passer was last seen:
Jun 6, 2016
    1. Vycksta
      As a result of inactivity between August 12, 2012 and the time of this message, your claim on Tangela on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    2. greatguy
      Helloooo? You there? I've missed you...
    3. Ice Blue Dragon
      Ice Blue Dragon
      Not having a lot of friends doesn't detrmine if your a good person or not. I am active on a bunch of the fourms.
    4. Ice Blue Dragon
      Ice Blue Dragon
      Lol, thanks for the friend request. :)
    5. Takeo
      oh don't worry about it, i figured it might be the case lol or something more serious O.o
    6. Ice Blue Dragon
      Ice Blue Dragon
      You made that flipnote in you sig yourself? That was cool looking.
    7. jstinftw!
      I like your sig!
    8. Marbi Z
      Marbi Z
      I like your sig! Pokemon is meant to be fun no matter how you play. ;-)
    9. Takeo
      angry female hahahahaha
    10. Takeo
      Seriously??? Hahahaha. Thankz, if possible have a scar on tyranitar eye or something please :3 I love scars it'll make the pokemon kinda unique?
    11. Takeo
      Its kinda...um....out there hahahaha i guess

      you see Tyranitar standing, close into his face with what looks like anger, fire ignites in his eyes, a sandstorm emerges surrounding all alround, he uses fire blast on the surrounding sand,
      because of the sand mixed with the heat making 'diamonds' which fall all already tyranitar's feet, he then rolls in the jewels LOL

      i just got that off the top of my head.

      you probably can come up with something better hahahaha
    12. Takeo
      could you possible make me a sig like that?? animation and all?
    13. Lucas.G
      I dont remember why I send you that message XD
    14. Baton Passer
      Baton Passer
      Well thanks. I worked hard to make it.

      I haven't been here in so long...

      Welp... BACK TO SEREBII!
    15. Takeo
      lol sure, you really made it?, thats so freaking awesome I wish I could do that, that pikachu looks so badass xp
    16. Takeo
      I absolutely love your sig. The animation is just so cool and I agree with the others message not alot people get the pokemon is a game to have fun with
    17. Poke'Dude
      Hey, love the surfing pikachu in your siggy. Gave me a good laugh. Thanks haha.=)
    18. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      I had some free time and noticed your signature was extremely hard to see.

      So I took 10 minutes to update it. I did a full color and text re-do of it here: http://i56.*******.com/epeveq.jpg but I also took your original and fixed the contrast and brightness problems. http://i51.*******.com/1z6se94.jpg

      I can also animate it for you if you want. Thats easy.

      You don't have to use these but if you do you DO NOT have to give me any credit, as its obviously your work.
    19. Lucas.G
      Hey, contact me
    20. Baton Passer
      Baton Passer
      O snap, I've had people visit my page?!
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  • About

    In your fridge eating the food
    Being electrical!!
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I got zapped a few times but I'm still here

    I play Pokemon, among other Manga type stuff


    http://i56.*******.com/epeveq.jpg [​IMG]
    Art By Me​
    Color by Blue Harvest!!
    Animation using Flipnote Studio​
    I haff claimed tangela. Nuff said.