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  • Regardless of whether you come back or not, I'm impressed at how many posts you made over a two year span, and I'm sure you've been banned a few times which makes it even more impressive.

    It's also pretty sad
    don't blame you for moving on in life years ago, but we had a blast back in the day till the lot of us moved on in life. here's to hoping to see you again in the age of the hipster.
    How does a guy who was only active for roughly 2 years have the 6th highest postcount on the forum I mean seriously, good thing you realised you need to get a life after that time lmao
    I remember a time back when I was but a mere scrub when members like you strode the site.

    A time of intelligence.

    A time of prosperity.

    A time...of BattleFranky.
    BattleFranky~40, everyone misses you. Before I joined, when I lurked here, you were God. Come back, even if only for a little while. It would make everyone happy.
    The Image of Professor Oak's Double has been burned into my mind as symbol of a hero, I will miss you and the lessons you have taught me.
    I see this guy on that Wutpiece forum from time to time, so I know he's around, but...

    Why the 15-month absence? o_0
    A whole year already? Damn.

    Also, Franky's avatar should be retired, too many people use it and try to be like him, and fail miserably.
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