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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • There are people I talk to pretty frequently, and I think that's what does it for me. That and I get some amusement posting in the games sections. Though the thread I posted in all the time just got closed due to being spammy =/
    Pretty much every day actually. I mostly post in the games section these days. I haven't posted other places much. I don't tend to do that unless there's speculation going on. I might make an art thread soon. I'm going to be able to get all my drawings on my computer tomorrow when I have access to a camera and scanner. Made a DeviantArt too.
    Yeah, that was really fun. Too bad it was deemed too spammy. I mean, it was pretty spammy, but it was still fun. Was like a massive roleplay group or something.
    Let's see, advice to give a freshman...well, it was certainly the most fun year for me. I would say don't be a hermit like I ended up being. I stayed in my room most of the time. Not drinking the punch at the frat house is a good suggestion. And if you are going to drink, do it with people you know you trust, it's safer and more fun. Also, some of the most fun times involve cramming 12 people in front of one laptop screen and watching a dumb movie. Make sure to develop good study habits, it will serve you well.
    Yeah, I haven't been good with events either. Never have been. I've mostly been doing runs with pokemon I've never used before. I haven't actually played Minecraft. I've been told it's good and I've seen a fair amount of gameplay, but my computer is basically a toaster and can't run anything. Didn't know there was a mode that involved making a country. That's interesting.
    I've been pretty good for the most part. I just finished undergrad. Had my last final today actually. I guess I can say that I have a neuroscience degree now. I've been playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, making a lot of characters, drawing, and discovering I am apparently a rabid shipper (whoops). I still play pokemon too, tho I haven't done a run in a while. I have a few planned, but I haven't been able to start a new one since I needed to borrow my brother's pokebank, and I didn't get to go home very often.
    True enough. I'll probably need to wait until I'm done with my out-to-sea time before I take this up. But the idea of working through the ranks of a smaller faction does sound interesting.

    We both have our way with people, and of course, since this is a game of politics, we can easily take over if our collective will proves to be indomitable enough.
    Yes, but with just two of us, I'm not sure how it'll work.

    Sure, a two-man dictatorship sounds cool -- hell, even the Romans did it -- but with my crazy work schedule and only the two of us, how are we to pull off building a strong faction from the start? It's been too long since the erasure of both Assassin's Alliance and TRC for us to get ourselves a good following off the ground on day one... unless of course you've got ideas of your own?

    In addition, I'll be going away for two weeks out to sea come very early tomorrow morning. I'll only be able to establish a connection to the internet via my phone on three of those days, and my phone refuses to access Serebii for some reason, but has no problem with any other Pokémon forum that I know of.
    Interesting. My creativity is generally limited to creating medieval style castles, and relatively simple ones at that. Sure, they provide tons of protection against zombies and many players, but not so much once they break in.
    Not all that much. I've just been breeding Pokémon to use competitively, and some of these projects have turned out to be difficult at best.
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