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  • KKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -

    I mean -


    Batty, you've not been on the forums since you moved to the States for a year. Get into the American internetty-webby spirit, you daft owl!!! xD

    I've been doing some complex chemistry, trying to figure out some equations.....and I came to the conclusion that

    BattyCat = ScaredyCat :p

    ......see, I Can be as random as you! *Cheers*

    Battycat!....I know where you are >=D .....you'll be in the dining hall, sat at a chair on the table closest to the door that leads out to the school corridor, quite possibly eating an apple. Aren't I good at the whole psychic thing? =)))))

    You're a strange girl...coming on here about once a month, then all you do is post a message to the person you're 'stuck with' for about four hours a day anyway XD

    Let me explain for you =PPPP
    Trampolining: "Trampolining is an individual sport of acrobatic movements performed after rebounding into the air from the trampoline. As a competitive sport, it was included in the Pan-American Games for the first time in 1955, and a world championship was established in 1964"

    Okay, I'll stop teasing you now =) ....other than reminding you that South America is not a country, and the Germans did not invade Russia in 1946. Oh, and no, Basking Sharks do not walk *Thumbs up* =D

    Hi! Now I am =D

    .....I should have known that once I said my Twin had a sense of humour, that you weren't going to hold back in teasing me XD

    Tired after trampolining? Try putting in three hours of wood tramping after that.... *sigh*. Well, I'm home now at least =)))))

    You were in my dream last night 0_o ....you were in a televised talent show (I think Britain's got Talent) and I was in the audience, cheering you on. And you started off doing a really bad imitation of the Flashdance routine, and people were laughing...then all of a sudden, you started doing amazingly difficult acrobatics, and the audience was like this =O !!!

    Then I woke up, and I thought....why am I not the one having the adventures in my dreams? XD

    Anyways, have a good day, and great to see you here!! *Thumbs up*

    I know about the pirates, I think I do =P ...but rat's tails, never heard of it xD (I'll definitely ask her) ;) ...By "we" do you mean that you are as obsessed with measuring rat's tails too? :pP... LOL

    Yep, they went well ^^ I am getting "A" on (almost xD) all of them. You see, "B" grade here ranges from "80% - 89.99% =P

    (Hey, stop copying Pirate's writing style xDD ...*innocently* Now don't you call me a hypocrite?

    I can't thank you enough for informing me about Hettie's situation, also "Thank you very much, Hettie" for asking your weird :)P) but best friend to message me ^___^

    And yes, I'm finally finding everything I know about you to be true =PP ...What else do you think I should know about her, that she dosen't want to tell? 0_o

    Good luck with your exams too =))

    Thanks again Pirate's best friend :D
    Hi there! Didn't expect you here at all! Though I do expect that it will be another couple of months before you reply to me again, hehehe!

    I see my Twin's given you a question that you'll probably answer in a decidedly humourous and mean fashion, with the words 'freak of nature' in there somewhere, but don't worry - I can handle it ;P

    Nah, that's alright! Hettie told me that already ^^ BTW why do you think she's weird? I don't believe at all that she IS =P ..I'm doing fine, final exams next week. Yourself?
    I know!! We shall be skipping through the streets before and after the performance, it shall be so much fun =D I'll buy the food too, of course, it's all part of the birthday package =P
    You may be older than me, but I had a good five inches over you tonight, mehehe...now just because you're eighteen, don't go getting any funny ideas about belated growth spurts =P
    Oxfam tomorrow! *Wry smile* ...so early...
    Happy happy happy birthday!!
    You know, for your birthday I got you - actually, you can wait until you get it ;)
    My gosh, it's days like these when I have to remember that you're older than me...how annoying!
    Anyway, I'll see you in a few hours to give all the natural celebratory greetings "For she's a jolly good fellow etc etc", and enjoy psychology! xD

    Yes, I do hope that was sufficient in getting your attention =)
    Hi Battycat? Are you still checking your profile???? You'd better be, for what I'm paying you! ;)
    Anyway, seeing as I'm talking to you on msn, this message is somewhat void.
    But I got an offer from Durham ^^
    Oh my Gosh!!!
    Thank you so much for the PIRATE PAINTING SET =) =)

    ....And the Terry Pratchett book ^_^
    By the way, that stone I gave you was made by my Japanese Teacher's husband, with her tutorage =)
    Enjoy Christmas!
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