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  • Chapter 5 is up if you're interested. Let me know if I should keep sending you updates.
    I have made a terrible mistake! I never actually got to really thank you for my Yuletide fic last year! I just went over it and there are parts that just make me ridiculously giddy, like the Meowstic cameo (major fangirling) and how Caitlin's Pokemon give her strength when she's struggling against her psychic powers. Also Shauntal was adorable and made me remember how much I like her. Also-also Darach being Darach to the point of acting as a butler even when there is already another butler. This may be my headcanon now.

    Thank you again, it was such a great gift that I need to just reread more often! <3
    Just dropping by to say thanks for your reviews of my recent fics. :D I swear, I need to figure out how to respond to feedback for my one-shots, because it isn't as simple as just dropping the response during the next chapter ugh
    Yeah being forced to evolve would suck so, so many spherical objects.

    (Oh also! The completed fics section on these forums is open to reply to threads now.)
    For what it's worth, the Saffire Persian story you were thinking of is "The Ties that Bind." Definitely a personal favorite. ^^
    Aw, I'm glad to hear you still follow my work, even in music. ;v; I'm actually working on a new RSE orchestration due out next week! What have you been up to, Bay?
    Hello, Bay. Do you remember me? I hope so because I was, and still am, very fond of you and the friendship you provided to me when I was younger.
    The challenges stuff sounds really interesting, whether or not it increases activity, as something nice the board is doing for its users. Of course when it hits off it must be very fun. I went over there to take a peek -- flash fiction? What a good way to just get people writing.

    The trick with writing, I think, is to keep your calm no matter what's going on in life -- if you're unruffled and comfortable enough that you can write anytime you want, then nothing can stop you. But that's hard to do.
    Well damn, I get nervous about the fic I'm writing. (The only thing I think of these days, when I'm free.) I've been working on it for two years and I haven't shown it to a soul. What if I can't finish it before life gets hectic as it will, eventually?

    Serebii's a little sleepy these days, of course. They have their cycles. Is PokeCommunity more active?
    Oh, wow! I can barely imagine handling one or two of those things (though I'm a wimp). That you balanced it all, and I think still got some writing in... Of course I don't mean I've been inactive because I was busy, sometimes you drift away from one internet place, you understand. But yeah, vacations are good good good.
    Real life stuff just never ends, [shakes head]. What does real life think it is? I'm on vacation for the rest of the month, amazingly, and somehow though I'm in college it doesn't take up too much of my time. Like they say in war, brief periods of terror and days and days of boredom.
    Hello, Bay! Nice to hear form you on here as well. Anyways, thanks for the link, I'll be sure to go through it!

    Thanks for all the advice!
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