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  • You're still around too? Awesome. Thanks for the note, I appreciate it. Don't feel like you have to do a lengthy review or anything!
    Thank you so much, Bay~ I, uh, already posted said oneshot on Glacidia, though. XD It's called The Unfortunate Truth to the Pokemon Trainer Ideal (long name, I know, haha). If you're interested, I'd appreciate your thoughts; I seriously want to make this oneshot the best it can be before I post it on Serebii.

    Again, thank you so much for your time. No need to feel sorry about the late reply; I'm just happy that I got a response. ^_^
    You're welcome. Actually, I was inspired to read "Nothing, Everything" in the first place due to encountering Bunny in Butler's "Operation GEAR" series. Hooray for advertising!
    Hey, I'm (obviously) Morpher01. I'm a fellow reviewer of The Great Butler's various stories.

    So, I just finished reading "Nothing, Everything" (in one sitting, thanks be to the wonder that is spring break) and really liked it. Really, each chapter just kept getting better, and Jacob turned out to just be a victim of his own freakiness. Very well done.

    So my Serebii connection basically broke for 5 months, but I'm back now. Would you still be willing to beta my fanfic?
    indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! :p
    I have actually finished your image, but it's not that great and I think I might re-do it, use that as a practice. :/
    Ah damn, we should call for a reunion chat or something. It'd be nice to see what everyone's up to these days.

    Hopefully Hiromu Arakawa will come out with something as grand as FMA again. Anyways, are you excited for the movie? Btw, which dub did you prefer, the english or jap.?

    Yeah, you'll have to one day find some time in your sched to fit those two movies in. They're not that great, but in concludes the story at least.

    So you're still building up your resume, huh? That's smart, it never hurts to be a tad overqualified (well maybe it'll hurt your bank account xD) for a position. I was thinking of getting my Master's Degree once I'm done teacher's college just so my base salary won't be at the welfare levels lol

    So, how goes the ficcing? I think I came across one of your FMA stories on ff.net about the Xing characters.
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