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  • Thanks for the link, I checked the place out but it's pretty barren! So I'm guessing the massive project is off then? :O

    Yeah, the Xing (Lan Fan <3) and Briggs characters were definitely a great addition, however, the first FMA will always hold that nostalgia factor over Brotherhood. I find it amazing that BONES managed to make a respectable ending despite not having enough material to use (as the manga was not complete at the time).

    I thought Eden of the East was a treat visually and it has a really interesting plot...however, things tend to get slow at the middle of the story. The two movie sequels also left a lot to be desired...but otherwise, it was a great series. Btw, I changed my username so that link wont be working haha....www.myanimelist.net/profile/goosey

    That really sucks, Bay. I really hope you that you hear from someone soon to kick-start your career. I just hope that I can find a job quickly after university (even though the employment rate for graduates fresh from teacher's college here is like 40 percent...) If you don't mind me asking, what did you major in?
    Yeah, that'd be great if you could do that, thanks! No surprise there, FMA is effin awesome. Which did you prefer, the first one with the original ending or Brotherhood? Btw, here's my MAL profile if you wanna check it out.

    Of those youve listed, I've only finished Eden of the East. That's a good list of quality anime though, I should finish em up as well.

    Oh okay, so its been a year eh...no job yet? I'd imagine it's tough to get a job anywhere at this point, uni degree or not.
    It really has...I actually lost the link to the secret wars board so I couldnt say hi to you guys for quite a bit. Plus, I've undergone an obsession from pokemon to anime haha.

    You definitely should, I'm interested in what else you've seen.

    Anyways, are you still in uni or are you done?
    Hey, BAY (Holy crap, a rhyme).

    I want to ask you a favour. It's probably not a simple one and will last for a couple of months at least. It won't consume your time, though, and I promise that you won't have to do much.

    Are you game?
    Congrats on becoming a judge for that Pokecommunity Contest! I remember judging for the Roses & Chocolates contest, and it was really annoying to organise. :p But I'm sure your performance will be stellar. Link me up?

    And yeah, still working at the coffeehouse. The pay isn't so good, but it's something, right?
    Hahaha, my real life is rather busy too. I have university exams, part-time jobs, and caffeinated friends to deal with. It's a little exhausting. What about you? How is your fanfiction life? Done any writing recently?
    Yeah, that would be great! I'm currently writing Chapter 6, so if that needs to be revised or whatever that's fine. Link's in my sig.
    Okay! The first version of it had been posted mid-2010, which was why I nominated it. But thanks for letting me know. Have a good day!
    Ah I knew I made a mistake somewhere in there when I was typing them all. Oh well, at least all the others were valid.
    Inorite. I'm still super tempted to change it to the Lapras one, but I think she needs a break.
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