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  • I'm a tad bit upset that the smash bros. thread got closed as it was fun reading all these ridiculous arguments, but I suppose that's the reason why it had to happen. Hopefully, we'll be allowed one if Sakurai starts making another dojo.

    Do you think there will be another dojo for smash 4? I hope so, I found it more fun than the actual game
    That's okay then. I was mainly curious. Though now I learned your secret about how you are... resourceful?

    Random fact: True toads (Bufo) have paratoid glands that are poisonous and cause a burning effect when bitten into.

    Ah, whatever, I hope we're still cool and everything... or in a good acquaintanceship.
    I'm pretty sure at least a majority said the game didn't compare to discussing the news.

    And yeah, wait a minute, Ethan's gone. Where the hell is my staff spot finally? RedStarWarrior would probably be more than happy to lock that garbage.
    Oh, I DEFINITELY miss those days. While the arguments were 'worse', they were definitely easier to handle, not to mention the constant flow of DOJO!! information every morning was enough to at least stem the ridiculous amounts of 'I can name this character from a series' or 'I like the power Kirby gets from this enemy' wishlists that are now flooding the current topic.

    That's the problem with making a Smash thread in the middle of the near-decade break between Smash titles. There's nothing to discuss. There's dumb wishlists, random one-shots posting who they play, people who ask dumb questions(Will it be on the Wii? Will the WiiU and 3DS versions be the same?), and people who run in with every friend's friend's uncle rumor they can skillfully harvest from the vast knowledge that is a Gamestop employee's brain.

    So yes, I easily preferred the old thread. Dumb arguments were 'better', but mostly, we had the DOJO!! to discuss instead of wishlists(and the game release, even though we all unanimously agreed that the DOJO!! was more fun than the game), and a much larger pillar of established(read; intelligent) members in order to conduct an actual conversation with. That's when the thread went downhill is when we all stopped ranting about online lag, SSE design, and Golden Hammer usage. That removed the bottleneck on wishlists and other comparable 'discussion' topics.
    Yeah, now there's just idiots being shut down. Before, the idiots fought for it because they legitimately believed we were wrong and they were right.
    Honestly...yeah. But last time, we had people like Dattebayo, who didn't believe in dinosaurs and argued endlessly for Dawn because he loved her. These ones are more run-of-the-mill morons with no sense of possibility/popularity.

    I mean, saying Snake should be OUT because there's 'no other characters that could join him' is a stupid argument. But when you willfully ignore FOUR other series that are the same way(presumably because they're first-party, so they're inherently superior), then it's just a weak argument as well. There's no fun in a paper-thin argument, especially when the offender can't even address the topic most of the time.
    Sorry if I asked for too weird of a request last night. I think when it boils down to it, I am unsatisfied with my Super Mario Sunshine review, and I'm thinking about revision.

    Had my first Fall 2011 class, and geez, I wish people could read a little better.
    Thanks for answering my question :)
    Got a Archen and soft rested till I got a good nature. I was going for Adamant/Jolly but it wasnt coming so settled for Naughty cause hes more than capable of being a mixed sweeper. Anyway thanks a lot!
    That's fine; it is in no means mandatory. I might just show my reviews to a person I know IRL. To tell you, the reason it's called R.O.B. reviews is because I go by that name from these retro videogame store owners when I bought a R.O.B. model. Plus, my first name is actually Robert.
    Hey BCVM22, I don't know how much you care for them, but I've been trying to do a series of reviews called "R.O.B. Reviews". I was wondering if I can send you an approx. 500 word review on Super Mario Sunshine and see if I get a critique from you. If you don't feel like it, I won't force you or anything. It's just that I don't see the review as satisfactory.
    Hey BCVM22, remember Steven from R/S/E? He has to be my favorite human Pokemon character since he gives you a Beldum and gives someone else who gives you a King's Rock. We know Metagross and Politoed are two of the coolest Pokemon around.

    Do you like him any?
    I kind of like Rob Paulsen myself. He is quite the character, since he's voice hundreds.

    Well, how are you doing right now?
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