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  • As mentioned in the official news thread, when someone said that Hoenn didn't have a tropical rain forest (or something like that), your claim that Route 119 could be a rain forest is correct. I think that if you use the Map or Fly in ORAS, they will tell you that, but I just snipped the quote from the bulbapedia page of that route.
    With my own opinions, I really like Gen III and Gen VI starters. I'm not especially fond of Chespin, but I don't dislike it.

    I like Litten. I don't know what my second favorite animal would be next to anurans (frogs/toads/treefrogs/spadefoots/Nasikabatrachidae/etc.), but I do like cats.

    I don't like how one of my cat whines though. He's annoying.
    I do like my big black horse cat. I call him that because he's big and lean. He likes me, and catnip.
    I see both companies doing certain aspects better than the other, but you're right. It doesn't have to be a contest.

    BTW, which starter looks the most appealing to you?
    Dammit BC, can you get a half-decent attention span?

    I don't know if I asked you this, but do you like Marvel or DC better?

    I don't really read comics, but in other media.

    Cartoon shows/movies: DC
    Live Action Movies that don't suck: Marvel

    Also, what are your opinions on Batman "Mask of Phantasm" and "Under the Red Hood"?
    Keep in mind, I only saw the former. No spoilers on the latter, please?
    Tell me if I'm doing this right, wise guy

    I'm trying to take down SFZ Pigma by using the TV to figure out my Arwing's direction relative to him, then using the left stick to turn the Arwing towards him while using the GamePad's gyro to also turn toward him so I can shoot at him from the cockpit

    Is this what I'm supposed to be doing? I don't even know
    Aw, I like my meme though. I sometimes will go out of town making some.

    How are you doing, anyway? April will be a sort of tough month for me because of two papers I need to write.
    I just googled BCVM, I thought Google was the means you were talking about : b

    Bought Cards Via Mail?
    Barnwell County Virtual Museum?
    British Commercial Vehicle Museum?
    Business Component Virtual Machine?
    Battery Cell Voltage Monitor?
    Apart from the game mechanics that I would be excited to know about, I would really like to know about the legendaries and aesthetic.

    I really like Hoenn in terms of their "natural down-to-earth" aesthetic for example, so I would be curious to see how this one will become.
    You know, I am actually quite satisfied with how Froakie turned out, that I am actually content on starters right now.

    Previously, I would have wanted a frog starter to be Grass type (tree frogs), to break the mold, but I finally got the frog starter I wanted.

    Alternatively, the could fashion a frog Pokemon after the Wood Frog and make it have Ice typing.
    Am I the only one that is more curious about how Gen I VC will transfer to Sun/Moon as well as Gen VI, than any actual Pokemon reveals?
    The item system is the worst. Recall in G/S/C that TMs and Key Items have a separate space. This is not true for R/G/B/Y, where you can run out of holding space and storage space. I want to preserve most of my TMs, so I used up items I could simply replenish.
    I'll say it this way. They may have massively outdated mechanics, but at the same time, the games are fairly easy and pretty quick to go through. At the same time, you can't go too wrong with $10.

    The transferring part will be the interesting though...
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