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  • Then where did you learn your supreme logic skills? Ireland? Vegas? From the old guy who sits on the park bench and feeds pigeons?
    Don't argue with BCVM22. He will severely pwn you to death before you can even create your probably easily refutable arguement.

    Better to get on his good side.
    1. I don't "try" and act superior to anyone. I'm not "trying" to do anything, for that matter. I speak the truth on all matters and back up my points with factual evidence and logic. If a point has no backing, I don't make it.
    That's BS. Just about all of your post I looked into had you stating negative to some forum member. Every thread I see you post in, has you 'outsmarting' or 'outwitting' someone. So how the hell do you expect me to honestly believe that you are not "trying" to do anything. Oh you're correcting someone.. Does that mean you have to question someone's intelligence in such a manner that you are just so much superior than them and that they should of known better or as much as you before posting. You're full of crap and you know it. You say you are not trying to do anything, but you have a random member LIKE ME, who has never had ANY HISTORY with you sending you messages because of the way you direct yourself towards other members.. I do not see why you cannot just use your "logic" and "truth" to just 'correct' these so called wrong members in a friendly, social manner.
    Only thing I see when I read your post is you trying to act like you're superior to others, and that everyone on this message board but you are unintelligent.

    I'll say it again before you delete, this is a Pokemon messaged board full of little kids.. Lighten up.. Does insulting or beating around the bush at a Pokemon website make you happy.. Like you achieved something from proving someone wrong about a pikachu even t or something.. Because with you I see no motive other than trying to ruin other people's day.
    I'm good.

    I was thinking about seeing The Incredible Hulk, and I figured you would've seen it already. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Is it any good?
    pretty good. i'm excited about getting darkrai. and gettting celebi and deoxys through trading with people. :)
    My promising hope in a career of comedy just when down the drain in a fiery flame of burning hot logic.

    And how do you not have the power to bring a thread such as that? You can pwn 10,000 noobs with the stroke of a finger. You could own Serebii in debate if you used two.
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