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  • Good ol' BCVM22. The General Pokemon Discussion would be full of illogical Pokemon idealists if it weren't for you!

    I've always been curious; where did that name come from?
    Point taken, we're still getting things set up. If something new does show up I'll ask; the reason it was created though was to try to avoid the noobs and flaming of members that the fail-ship of the thread has, and since your posts have lots of logic I thought you would be a great aspect to the group.
    BCVM22, I have created a social group for the second gen. remakes, invite only. You have been invited. If you wish to join, say so in the group. If you don't, let me know via PM and you will be removed. In any case, this group will hopefully be rid of noobs and constant repeated conversations.

    ~xXPorygonXx, founder and co-owner of Second Generation Remake Group~
    BCVM, you might be able to answer this, with your infinite wisdom and whatnot.

    Is there any hidden meaning to "BCVM22", or is it just a bunch of random letters and numbers you chose?
    I was unaware you could multi-quote on this faux-Facebook wall thingermajig here.
    1 of the Brawl thread spammers referred him about 5 times, remember?

    Deoxy911, shouldn't you be multiquoting?
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