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ok so for all you guys on my page: I'M REVISING THIS.... construction time.
Im in a band:
we r a screemo band. I scream and sing. I play guitar a little and I write songs. woohoo! Love it love it love it. music is my passion.
Im a student.
hate it...
read manga. learn japanese.
listen to music.
(mostly screamo or metal (for the record thats not all I listen to. just my preference)) stuff I listen to is all kinds. ranging from: Escape the fate, falling in reverse, black veil brides, ice nine kills, outline in color, A day to remember, breaking benjamin, rise against, korn, foo fighters, paramore, fly leaf, and others.

My dream is to be in a band and live off that. Idc about being famous, I wanna be a musician. and live.
I am a poet. I may share my poetry if u ask.
this is me and send me a friend request :)

guitar, singer (lead singer and screamer in a band) pokemon of course, (m a fairly diverse guy) ect
Your soul.... *nibble*
Favourite Pokémon
unemployed... but I am a student


still in the process of plotting out team. want it to be unique and amazing. gardevoir will be included even if she's over used xD and mighteyena cuz they r awesomazing.

send me a friend request please ^_^