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  • Haha, it's still been a while, old pal. I still haven't worked on a comic yet, but with the release of Black and White, I think I may start it up again.

    Have you played it yet?
    Yeah, I'd be happy to make one. All I need is... well, everything that a comic needs to work. Added to that, I'll need to have the effort to actually finish it. I'm done leaving things unfinished. ;)
    I'm not active. I just came back to talk to you. XD
    I'm pretty swell, actually. Just been hanging out and stuff, ya know? I'm thinking about getting back into comic making, seeing as now I actually am sophisticated and such... XD
    Beco, is it okay if I use that character you made for me, Kain Murray, in my comic as the rival? Also, can I change most or all of his Pokemon?
    Hey Beco, I don't know when I'll do this (cuz the Paint software for the Macbook labtop sux) but I'm making a Johto equivalent comic to your Kanto "The Pokemon Journey" and EvilPikachu79's Hoenn "Pokemon Paradise". It is in the same time period of your's, so I was wondering if its okay if I use some of your character's last names & Pokemon, like Falkner Roport in your Rocket War special (because he will be in my comic since he is a gymleader). Also, you said Denny's brother is the gymleader of Azalea, so can I put him in my comic? Also, the deceased Marcus Niles is the father of the main character of my comic, (Ryan Niles; a character you made for me when I was making my comic Pokemon Excellent), so please answer. Thx :)
    I'm pretty good actually. =) It's so much fun to walk to you guys again! =D
    Hmm hmm, it is tempting to come back of course. I mean cookies!?? O__o YUM!
    Anyway, I don't know what I'm gonna do righit now actually but atleast I don't plan on taking of for a year again. x) I'll stick around and see if I can read up on your comic. But I'm so behind now I'll probably have to read it from the beginning. ;)
    Hi, beco. How are you doing? You might not remember me cause I havn't been here for over a year =P (I was making a comic called Pkmn Supreme if that rings any bells x))
    Anyways, hope you're doing ok and I am AMAZED with your talent and how you keep on going for all this time. Keep up the excellent work. ;)
    sigh sorry to bother you at all. but i just saw that maybe the comic section is away.. so i wanted to post an comic but heh..i am to afraid and i am not sure if it may wat i wanna post..
    Character 1: Why yes I would-
    Bluedude: YOUR SPAMMING
    Character 1: I was answering his-

    XD priceless. And yeah basically
    Hmmm... interesting Iv'e never seen your Drawn skills Beco. Also I wondder if you'd do a parody on the bluedude episode.
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