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  • Well, at least we have extras where she and Dave can forever talk about random stuff.

    Thanks for reading! Just to warn you, TQftL is basically nothing whatsoever like Morphic, and in my opinion the first thirty or thereabouts chapters are cringeworthy on multiple levels (having been written in 2004-6 and based on an older version started in 2002). But people seem to enjoy it anyway.
    I used to tape it (Ancient VCR technology!) and watch it the next day, and only watch it in the holidays. I usually get to sleep at about 11:30 anyway so I watch later things now. They have whole episodes on youtube?
    I remember my friend somehow managed to watch Then End of Time: Part 1 online.
    Technically it's not weird, but all the previous episodes were on 2 and shoved in the graveyard shift. It's in a much better time now. Where do you watch them online? I just wait for the episodes to air here, even though it takes ages.
    I just saw that in the TV guide on Saturday, thanks for saying though! Weird that it's on Prime because it used to be on 2. Are you going to watch it?
    It's almost time for school to start up here. Yes, assuming no one else is on, that is. Who knows who might beeeeeeeee.............. Hehehehe!

    Oh, sorry, I'm using the Ghost skin.
    LOL. Of course, it's late summer here. I envy you, seeing as there is the school hammer hanging over my head and I like winter because I hate bugs. :)
    Aahh. It's 5:30 PM where I live, in eastern America. I checked out Absconditus Infensus. I really liked it, though there were a few mistakes.
    Have you received the latest chapter yet? I do believe it should have been PMd to you, but I'll check my Sent Items folder.
    You're welcome. :D The plot is getting pretty good! Oh and I like VMs (I need to empty my 92% full PM box anyway) so I'm glad XD

    Your characterization of Oshawott = really good. I love cute Pokemon and your descriptions of it made it ridiculously cuddly :) Blair is a good narrator, too. I like his personality.

    Chapter Three and Four are both up now!

    Please read them and comment when you have the chance!

    And feedback you have would be appreciated!

    Thanks Again!
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