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  • Yeah, I understand. I've had to worry a lot less about school now that I'm a senior. I was just really worried that you were going to be one of those "cool new members that join and never come back again".
    Looks good to me. I was actually considering switching to that same avatar myself, due to a Beedrill obsession I've had for a while now. But, I've switched it a few times, and I always wind up missing my old Slowbro. I picked the one I have now on day one.
    Ah, I see. Thank you for telling. Well, I already have a Beedrill profile picture and banner.. I think I'll complete the set with a pretty FR/LG Beedrill avatar.
    No, you can not upload your own. You have to pick from the selection, which is a pretty good one in my opinion. The only people that can have custom avatars are the administrators/moderators, so that sentence only applies to them.

    I also love the images that you have for your profile picture and your signature. Did you draw those?
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