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  • I was thinking of something along the lines of:

    Diancie@Weakness Policy
    Quiet/Clear Body
    252 HP / 252 SpAtk / 4 Atk
    -Diamond Storm
    -Earth Power (from ORAS move tutor)
    -Trick Room
    Yeah, and it seems like Knock Off Lando has become popular before I got to try it. But I think Weakness Policy Diancie is still an original idea of mine.
    Ew. You're like a male thot lol. I wish I could give advice and explain things like you do...I would be the queen of RMTs IMO if I could ~.
    I think I had started seeing it sometime after the 2013 Spring Friendly, and I think it's become the most popular Landorus set since Gen 6.
    Yeah, I do actually use quite a few original sets. I think some people have borrowed ideas off of me and turned them into popular sets, because I had never heard of anyone using Scarf Landorus-T until after I had used on in the 2013 Spring Friendly.
    I've thought about contributing to the PotW threads, but most of the Pokémon that have been selected are those I'm not too familiar with how they work. Of course, I could have contributed to the Milotic and Aggron threads, but I think people had already covered the sets I normally use.
    I don't think they did, considering you didn't have to catch Rayquaza in Emerald. In fact, I don't think you even had to battle it like you did Kyogre and Groudon in RS. My theory is that maybe the Rayquaza story is required to be completed before most of the ORAS post game opens up, and you'll need to catch Rayquaza as a part of that story.

    I've always thought maybe it was because Game Freak forgot they can't have a game corner in the European versions, so they gave themselves a week to fix the European version so there would be no game corner. And every other non-European region, including Korea, and Australia are getting ORAS on the 21st.

    Yeah, I've already designed optimal sets for all of the new Megas, except Sableye and Latias.
    Well, there's all sorts of things that could be brought up, including all the new Mega Evolutions; speculation on why Rayquaza's catch rate was raised; why Europe gets the game later; etc.
    Hey! It's about time you came back to the dark side. Even though you know I'm gone next month...anywho! If you need any help, ask like DK or James or someone. ORAS should be pretty fun, I think xP. If you're finding yourself getting smashed by scrubs..I'll help out ~_~.
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