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Last Activity:
Jun 30, 2013
Mar 17, 2010
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n3w 2 sppf :3

bel9 was last seen:
Jun 30, 2013
    1. Gladys
      I may have made that part up.
    2. Gladys
      I'm on my period.
    3. Gladys
      Excuse me?
    4. Profesco
      It was either balls or moves, and I didn't have any music.
    5. Kreis
      I can see why, you have a really nice face.

      I'm doing somewhat alright. An old friend of mine passed away, so I'm not feeling to chatty, so I'll probably be away from the chat for a short amount of time. We hadn't talked in a while, and although I'm not depressed, I'm still sort of in shock and feel as if I'm in a dream. Feels weird.
    6. Psychic
      I like the way you think! Maybe we should adopt a child and do just that~
    7. Psychic
      Well damn. I guess if/when any of us have kids, we shouldn't tell them not to talk to strangers! Better we put our (potential) kids at risk of abduction than insult someone, amrite?
    8. Zevn
      Bored and sleuthing... the fifth level of hell looks nice
    9. CSolarstorm
      No, I haven't seen it at my college. At least not this particular campaign. This is sad though, they get a sensational story about child soldiers and badger kids over the internet to fund extremists who are trying to convince a superpower to use their military to intervene. Actually that's kind of ironic, using a story about child soldiers to get child payers.
    10. GhostAnime
      Low man... real low.
    11. Malanu
      Did Malanu just become a useful asset to sppf?
      Heavens lets hope not! LOL
    12. mattj
      I disagree with a lot of things that he says.
    13. randomspot555
      I've never found the appeal of MMORPGs. Even as the somewhat introverted person that I am, part of gaming for me is interacting, DIRECTLY, one on one, with other people. You don't get that level of direct interaction in MMOs while you do in a friend code battle or a friend code trade (or, going old school, sitting next to your 3 best friends playing Kart 64 or the original Smash Bros)
    14. randomspot555
      Last I checked, POTUS can't overturn Supreme Court rulings.
    15. Hox
      I am whoever people believe me to be, I always say.

      Also, thankyou comrade.
    16. randomspot555
      Americans are moving to being more and more pro-life. What's your point?
    17. CSolarstorm
      Inferno was fictitious.

      I believe idiots shouldn't be allowed to espouse pseudo-religion on the internet yet here you are
      I may be a faux-moderate with strong liberal overtones but you sure like to start fights. TFP's been giving that debate 110% and you only chipped in a couple of sentences to call him an idiot. (I'm pretty sure you guys aren't the same denomination of Christian, either.) My moral sensibilities are irked.
    18. CSolarstorm
      Wow, I have a political identity.
    19. MugoUrth
      "He's permabanned. I hope you're pleased with yourself, misc.

      good night, sweet prince."

      No offense, but good riddance.
    20. abrar14
      Whys Josh banned?
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