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  • I can certainly understand that.

    On a different note, I've got a question: some of your statements have left me confused on a point. Do you believe God actually exists? I don't mind if you'd rather not answer that question.
    "Attitude" is not the worst. It's often funny. I thought what you both said was about on the same level (though I did think it was really funny when you asked him not to be rude).
    Sorry man your post was to long to read, and to busy for my tired eyes and brain! Welcome back though. It's good to see ya again.
    My quarter hasn't ended yet. It doesn't end until June 9th. The assignments are getting brutal. One of my teachers assigned a 'surprise second midtern' and that was frustrating. We read Krashen's "The Power of Reading" and "Myths About Language Acquisition" (it was called something like that) and then there was a bigger workbook and an anthology of articles the professor put together. Our quarters are only like ten weeks long, so it was a really compressed schedule.
    No. My limbs do not that many adjustable joints.

    One was experimental psychology and one was a neuroscience lab. The former dealt only with human research and the latter with all kinds of nervous systems from invertebrate to human. Because two of the neuro labs were unexpectedly switched, I missed learning how to measure brainwaves but arrived back in time to cut open cockroaches. x_x

    I generally stay awy from folks wearing crystals anyway, but the warning against white clothing is appreciated.
    The labs were both 3.5 hour classes in addition to 3 hours of lecture each week. They were both very interesting, if work-heavy. And yes, no sooner had I transferred schools than was I sucked into half a dozen frightening new directions.

    Congrats on getting the position - working in a museum must give you access to plenty of fascinating things to see and learn about, in addition to the apparent boon to your future career. Also, bemused smile at the new age movement.
    Archives? Did I hear about that before? What do you do? And congratulations, that sounds amazing! Are you going to take the opportunity? Yeah, mine went okay, but I've never been so busy. It sure as shinola was sciencey enough: I had two lab classes and got involved in a few extracurricular research projects besides. I'm leaving tomorrow to do more research and I'll be away from home for a month. @_@
    Thank you. I'm bogged down with reading and assignments today, so all this language is getting my writing juices flowing. Enjoy kayaking!
    Figured it was about time to class it up in here. Science class, that is. *shades*

    Are you working as a writing tutor over the summer as well?
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