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Last Activity:
Apr 1, 2012
Aug 21, 2011
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Active Member, from Massachusetts

BellyDrum was last seen:
Apr 1, 2012
    1. RustyOwl
      Howdy! I'd be happy to adopt a little Duskull from your litter! Lemme know if you need any babies, I've got a bunch too. :3
    2. ichigo89
      hihi, can I have a togepi/togepi egg, if you stil have any? I have a evo stones such as thunderstone, dusk stone, dawn stone, sun stone, leaf stone, moon stone and also everstone XD

      Or any pokemon... lilligant (w/ teether and quiver dance) or Metagross, or Absol or Darmanitan, or Excadrill?

      White FC: 2881 3142 3628
    3. ScytheSwipe
      Thank you so much this makes for an excellent addition to the team I want :)
    4. ScytheSwipe
      Also sorry for that horrible delay it's not me it's like the wifi is being difficult or something!
    5. ScytheSwipe
      Yes please thank you SO much you have no idea and I've wanted close combat growlithe forever!

      Wow I'm still applying to places but it's hard to work at all with my dual major I haven't even had time to play the game I love
    6. ScytheSwipe
      Ok let me get in the room thank you ahead of time it was really generous of you! May I ask what is it you do that currently is keeping you so busy and do you enjoy your job?
    7. ScytheSwipe
      Hey I'm on :)
    8. ScytheSwipe
      My FC is 1935 9986 0856 I'm sorry I guess I missed last weekend I thought you were talking about this one so my apologies!
    9. ~Kurou
      No later is good
    10. ~Kurou
      HEllo can I have a female drought vulpix?
    11. ScytheSwipe
      Oh cool and thanks. I wound up having to miss being here Friday so idk what your time is for today but I actually have to leave at 2 haha always seems to pan out that way!
      Anyways thank you thank you and I'll have the fc when I come back tonight!
    12. ScytheSwipe
      oh yay cool I live on the east coast as well! I'll be sure to check on both days to see if your online. I was honestly mainly interested in gible and growlithe but I really like most of the ones ya got there ;)
    13. ScytheSwipe
      I like your free to good home Pokemon just VM for what time works for a trade with you. Please and thank you!
    14. Taposa
      Oh ok (I saw the one on the signatures :D)
    15. Taposa
      Yes, How many is allowed? 3? Charmander,Togepi,Gible
    16. Taposa
      Can I trade?
    17. Tmz94
      Hello, you said you would like to help out with Data entry, and well I am just one pokemon away from my complete pokedex, I was wondering if you would be able to trade me a MEspirit.
    18. Dangertrout
      np, enjoy =)
    19. Dangertrout
      I can trade now, I use the white FC in your sig?
    20. Dangertrout
      your pokemon are ready (Luke the Snivy and a Wonder Skin Skitty) Let me know when you'd like to trade =)
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    Mod at GameTrailers.com, a lifelong lover of Pokemon, college student, aspiring writer.

    Video games, writing, running


    [​IMG] WHITE FC: 0819-3064-7197

    :498: ;004; ;058; ;175; ;131; ;128; ;227; ;355; ;443; ;371; DW Vulpix

    Please PM/VM me in advance about giveaway trades as my trade hours are limited due to my full-time 3rd shift job.