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Last Activity:
Mar 28, 2018
Jul 12, 2011
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Benefactor was last seen:
Mar 28, 2018
    1. speedbump07
      Hey, long time no talk! :D How ya been? RNGing and trades going well?
    2. Vandslaux
      So I was wondering: how DO you keep getting hexflawless shiny seeds, as evidenced by your RNGs? RNGed IDs, flawless Jap. Ditto w/ good parent? I've learned RNG breeding, I've bred a shiny pent-flawless Adamant Mold Breaker Axew.
    3. Exiled
      Hey Benefactor it has been a while. I was wondering what you would want for a Sassy Ditto? It doesn't have to be flawless or anything just a regular Sassy natured one will do if you have a spare?
    4. pokemonjeff
      Mark! I haven't talked to you in ages. I have a double rng request, and I even have all of the parents set to go. Just need you to help me breed them to flawless/shiny :D. (Also, semi-redis rights are needed, as well as my friend who got the parents wanting one nn'd for herself (It would not be traded xD).

      If this is possible, message me please :D
    5. Kierzor
      I made an offer in your shop. Just letting you know as its an edit of a post I already made. I didn't want to double post
    6. GlaceonQueen
      Merry Belated Christmas!
    7. NoToRiousBrawL
      Merry christmas Mark.
    8. Kierzor
      Thanks. You are a magician
    9. mrsora
      Thanks! I have all sorts of other events, we ought to trade again :)
    10. Kierzor
      Fantastic, I'll be there now
    11. Kierzor
      Sorry but I seem to have lost my karrablast. Would you accept a kyle's riolu for it instead
    12. mrsora
      We can do our trade in just a minute, I need to clone real quick then I can meet you in wifi :)
    13. Kierzor
      Sure. Do you remember what I as giving you by any chance?
    14. Murra Myrrh
      Murra Myrrh
      =/ Weird. I had that happen a while ago, but they could see me and still could contact my game. I'm so sorry we just can't seem to get this thing together! XP I feel bad.
    15. Murra Myrrh
      Murra Myrrh
      =/ I waited a long while. Maybe my connection really isn't up? Regardless, I wasn't in the room because I had to drive my friend to work. =_=
    16. pagongster55
      Great, thank you. And thanks so much for all the trades today. Glad I could get you those.
    17. pagongster55
      I realized that I still owe you a dwF chinchou. Can I just trade that to you for the onix that was recently requested?
    18. ShaoWeh
      Yep :D Enjoy the chansey
    19. pagongster55
      I saw someone recently requested an HP Water Joltik. What nature did they ask for?
    20. ShaoWeh
      Thanks. let me know when you are ready :D
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