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Mar 28, 2018
Jul 12, 2011
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Mar 28, 2018
    1. Vandslaux
      Could you teach me how to RNG? IDK what timer0 means and I think I'm doing something wrong with calibrating. I'm mainly interested in being taught how to egg RNG, I'm trading for a flawless Jap Ditto atm.
    2. Murra Myrrh
      Murra Myrrh
      Dang, I think I already missed you today. My life, too, has been a little hectic. I will be near the computer for the rest of today, and likely all day tomorrow.
    3. Go2heck
      Thanks for the trade:)
    4. Go2heck
      Okay, heading in
    5. Go2heck
      Alrighty bro, I'll head in wifi when you respond. My Fc: 4942-7674-2361
    6. Dressa
      Meh, let me know if you find the guy who did it please.
    7. Dressa
      Ouch, sorry I didn't know that, truevillany traded it to me as you can see on my ''completed trades'' section, I'll remove and contact him.
    8. pokemonjeff
      Lol its a creative name.

      And nor do I about the middle man. Like. It massively kills sales for us both. I sell yours, but marked as non-redis from there and whatnot.

      Yea, I'v got a spreadsheet with around 300/600 on it. Its bs. Spreadsheet broke hardcore
    9. Scorch5688
      Thanks for all your help by the way. Really appreciate it. :)
    10. Scorch5688
      Yup. Just hit an adjacent seed. Can't believe it's something as silly as the program version... :|
    11. Scorch5688
      Ok this is gonna sound kinda stupid but I think I found the problem. I was on 9.90 and I just updated to 9.91. I couldn't find the seed I was using in this updated version. Found a new one, hope it works this time.
    12. Scorch5688
      IVs and HP basically. They don't match up, even with any of the adjacent frames. I calibrated again, and it said I was on my usual timer0 and I hit my correct time. The seed I got from calibration is completely different from the adjacent seeds.

      Would it help to note that I'm doing these in 2003?
    13. Scorch5688
      Yes, the seeds don't have any keypresses. I made sure of that. Just tried it again now. Still not working.

      Unless the volume counts as a button?
    14. GlaceonQueen
      You're welcome. :> Thank you once again for the amazing Shinies!
    15. Scorch5688
      Yeah. I can't seem to hit my seed. It's either I'm having really bad cases of Timer0 fluctuations or I just suck at RNGing. Was able to do it before though, got an Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 Lilipup with Pickup at Route 1. I'm basically doing capture projects with different pokeballs.

      Anyway, here's my situation. Advancing the frame didn't seem to be working out for me so I opted to start looking for seeds on frame 1. So basically just have to hit my time right? I'm pretty sure I do it well enough, but I can't seem to hit my seed. After checking IVs of the pokemon I caught, I checked for adjacent seeds but none of them match the IVs of the pokemon I got. I know my timer0 changes between C7F and C7E, so it might be a timer0 fluctuation right? But when I use the DS parameter calibration using the pokemon I caught, it says I AM on C7F for timer0, which is my default AND that I've hit my target time. No unnecessary differential or anything.

      It's just getting really frustrating.
    16. GlaceonQueen
      Okay, I'll see you in a minute. :>
    17. GlaceonQueen
      Wasn't I trading your the DW event Togekiss as well for another thing?
    18. pokemonjeff
      Ahaha hey, yours being retraded kills both our profits xD. (As I'v got your original work and such). Always on the hunt for something good, a butt retrading stuff on us kills that trade for us. Anyway. Your shops become quite the hit. I've been just trading quietly, kind let the shop retire.

      Was gonna make a new one, but my spreadsheet died -___-
    19. Scorch5688
      Do you have any experience with capture RNGs?
    20. GlaceonQueen
      Great. I'm on now so I'll see you in the WFC if you're available now.
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